Accident Claims
Banasal, B.L. Digest of Accident Claims Compensation 1939 - 1996 in 2 Vols 1997 Rs1,300/- 
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Janak Raj Jai Motor Accident Claims, Law & Procedure 3rd Edition 2007 Rs 275/-
K Kanan Personal Accidents & Compensation Laws Edition 2005 Rs 990/-
Accounting Standards
A L Saini, Dr Indian Accounting Standards (IND-AS) Ready Reckoner, Edition June 2017 Rs 1595/-
CCH -a Wolters Kluwer business Comprehensive Guide to Ind AS Implementation (Includes Ind AS 18 and Ind AS 11(replacements of Ind AS 115)) by CA Anand J Banka / CA Alka V Adatia, Edition 2015 Rs 1495/-
CCH (a Wolters Kluwer business) Financial Instruments as per Ind AS (Accounting, Reporting, Presentation and Disclosures) by R Venkata Subramani, CA Edition 2016 Rs 850/-
Dipti Daga / Dipak Daga Comprehensive Guide to Financial Instruments, Edition 2011 Rs 495/-
Deloitte iGAAP Financial Reporting Standards in India including a Comparison with IFRS in 2 Volumes 2nd Edition 2009  Rs3495/-
Deloitte iGAAP 2007 Financial Instruments: IAS 32, IAS 39 and IFRS 7 explained 3rd Edition 2007  Rs1995/-
Dolphy D'Souza / Vishal Bansal
Indian Accounting Standards (Ins AS) Interpretation, Issues and Practical Application As Amended by Companies (Indian Accounting Standards)(Amendment) Rules, 2017 in 2 Vols with Free CD, Edition July 2017 Rs4395/-
International Accounting Standards Board International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs) Official Pronouncements as issued at 13th January 2016 in 3 Vols. Edition April 2016 Rs5500/-
Jan R Williams / Joseph V Carcello GAAP Guide Level A (Formerly Miller GAAP Guide) Restatement and Analysis of Current FASB Standards Edition 2007  Rs1495/-
Kamal Garg IFRS Concepts & Application, Edition 2010 Rs 1095/-
Kamal Garg Consolidated Financial Statements With Illustrations, Edition 2011 Rs 525/-
Kamal Garg Interim Financial Reporting under AS, Ind-AS & IFRS (With Practical Disclosures), Edition 2011 Rs 395/-
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M P Vijay Kumar Accounting Standards (Ready Referencer) Edition July 2015 Rs 395/-
Nabhi's How to Maintain Business Profession Accounts, 14th Edition 2003 Rs 130/-
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Sanjiv Agarwal A Manual of Accounting Standards with Special Chapters on International Accounting Standards & US GAAP, 2nd Edition 2002 Rs 850/-
Sanjeev Singhal, Dr. / M L Singhal Practical Guide to Accounting Policies Containing 2 Free CDs of Annual Reports of over 450 Nifty Companies Edition 2011 Rs 1095/-
Taxmann's Illustrated Guide to Indian Accounting Standards [Ind ASs]  As Amended by Companies (Indian Accounting Standards) (Amendment) Rules 2016 by B D Chatterjee, 3rd Edition 2017 Rs2100/-
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Taxmann's Indian Accounting Standards [Ind ASs] As Amended by Companies (Indian Accounting Standards) (Amendment) Rules 2016, Edition 2017 Rs1100/-
Taxmann's Accounting Handbook for Central Autonomous Organizations & Universities by B S Ramaswamy, Edition 2010 Rs 575/-
Administrative Law
Basu D.D. Administrative Law, Edition 2000  Rs 600/-
Beotra BR Powers & Duties of Magistrates, 3rd Edition1995 Rs 450/-
Chakravarti S Administrative Law and Tribunals, 2nd Edition 1995 Rs 350/-
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D.P. Mittal Natural Justice Judicial Review and Administrative Law Rs 450/-
De Smith, Woolf & Jowell Judicial Review of Administrative Action 5th Edition 1995 with Supplement 1998 ?195.00
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Jain M.P. Treatise on Administrative Law, 1st  Edition 1996 Vol 1 Rs 575/-
Jain M.P. Cases and Materials on Indian Administrative Law in 3 Vols (Vol 1/1994, Vol 2/1996, Vol 3/1999- Price for the set of 3 Vols) Rs 2250/-
Justice Banerjee Judicial Control of Administrative Action First Edition 2001 Rs. 895/-
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Sathe S P Tribunal System in India,Edition 1996 Rs 160/-
Sathe S P Administrative Law, 7th Edition 2004 Hard Cover (Soft Cover Rs.495/-) Rs 695/-
Thakker C.K. Administrative Law w/s 1996 Rs 360/-
Wade H W R & Forsyth Administrative Law 8th Edition 2003 Rs 995/-
Administrative Tribunal
EBC Administrative Tribunal Cases (1986/1, 1987/4, 1988-1990/3, 1991 & 1992/4, 1993-1996/3, 1997 & 1998/2) @400/-
EBC Central Administrative Tribunal Digest 1986 to 1996  in 2 Vols. Rs 590/-
Lal's Remedies of Government Servants under the Administrative Tribunal Act. in 2 Vols. 2000 Rs1,400/-
RamaJois Administrative Tribunal Act Edition 1996 Rs 770/-
P S Narayana, Justice Law of Adoption, 2nd Edition 2008 Rs 495/-
Adverse Possession
Krishna Swamy.M Law of Adverse Possession Edition, 13th Edition 2002 Rs 625/-
Mantha Ram Murthy Law of Adverse Possession, 3rd Edition 2002 Rs 775/-
Narayana P.S. Law of Adverse Possession Edition 2000 Rs 560/-
Advertising Law
Sawant Justice P B & Bandyopadhyay Advertising Law & Ethics Edition  2002 Rs 375/-
Avrom Sherr Advocacy (Legal Practice Handbook) 3rd Indian Reprint 2001 Rs 125/-
Arora Manish Career in Law, 3rd Edition 2004 Rs 95/-
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Keith Evans Advocacy in Court (A Beginner's Guide) 2nd Edition 1998 Rs 150/-
Keith Evans Golden Rules of Advocacy 4th Indian Reprint 2001 Rs 125/-
Mallick Advocates Act, 1961 Edition  2000 Rs 175/-
Malik B.(Chief Justice) The Art of a Lawyer (Advocacy-Cross Examination) Edition 1999 Rs 550/-
Munkman John H Technique of Advocacy (Indian Economy Reprint ) 2003 Rs 125/-
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Padala Rama Reddi Advocates-How to make Fortune Edition 1997 Rs  95/-
Pannet Alan Managing the Law Firm (Legal Practice Handbook), 2nd Edition 2001 Rs  195/-
Rivlin Geoffrey First Steps in the Law, First Indian Reprint 2002 Rs 295/-
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Parameswaran Law of Affidavits Edition 2003 Rs.295/-
P.S.Narayana Law of Affidavits (with Model Forms) Edition 1999 Rs 350/-
Venkoba Rao Law of Agency 3rd Edition 2001 Rs 825/-
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Madabhushi Sridhar Alternative Dispute Resolution Edition 2005 Rs 375/-
Rao P C & William Sheffield Alternative Dispute Resolution What it is and How it works Reprint 2002 Rs 395/-
Ancient Indian Law
Rama Jois Justice M Ancient Indian Law-Eternal Values in Manu Smriti  Edition2004 Rs 165/-
Animal Laws
Maneka Gandhi Animal Laws of India 4th Edition 2011 Rs 1695/-
P.S.Narayana Law of Appeals 1999 Rs 250/-
A.K. Bansal Law of International Commercial Arbitration (with Supplement) Edition 2003 Rs 550/-
Albert Jan van den Berg Yearbook Commercial Arbitration Set (32 Volumes) Rs59995/-
B P Saraf & S M Jhunjhunwala Law of Arbitration & Conciliation 4th Edition 2006 Rs1295/-
Bakshi P M  Arbitration Law, 2nd Edition 1996 Rs 160/-
Binder UNCITRAL Model on International Commercial Arbitration Edition 2000 ?130.00
C R Datta Law Relating to Commercial & Domestic Arbitration (Along with ADR), Edition 2008 Rs1495/-
Dharmendra Rautray Master Guide to Arbitration in India Rs1195/-
G K Kwatra Case Law on  Uncitral Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration, Edition 2004 Rs 100/-
G K Kwatra Arbitration & Conciliation Law of India, 7th Edition 2008 Rs 995/-
G K Kwatra Arbitration & Contract Law in SAARC Countries, Edition 2008 Rs 425/-
H K Sahary Law of Arbitration & Conciliation, Edition 2001 Rs 830/-
Johari Commentaries on Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996  Rs 790/-
Julian D M Lew, Loukas A Mistelis, Stefan M Kroll Comparative International Arbitration Rs2295/-
K Y Sarma Arbitration & Conciliation Act Edition 2001 Rs 550/-
M.A. Sujan  Law Relating to Arbitration & Conciliation 2nd Edition 2001 Rs 575/-
M.A. Sujan Contract Arbitration Compendium (Set of Six Books)  2nd Edition 2001 Rs2795/-
Malhotra O P Law and Practice of Arbitration & Conciliation 2nd Edition 2006 In Press
Markanda P C Law Relating to Arbitration & Conciliation 5th Edition 2003 Rs1295/-
Markanda P C, , Naresh Markanda & Rajesh Markanda Arbitration - Step by Step, 2nd Edition 2017 Rs995/-
Mauro Rubino-Sammartano International Arbitration, Law and Practice Rs2495/-
Mustil and Boyd Commercial Arbitration, 2nd Edition 2010 Rs 5995/-
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P.C. Rao The Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 Edition 1999 Rs 450/-
P S Narayana, Justice  The Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996 4th Edition 2008 Rs1495/-
Pant Prafulla C  Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 6th Edition 2001 Rs 795/-
R S Bachawat (Justice) Law of Arbitration & Conciliation with Exhaustive Coverage of International Commercial Arbitration & ADR in 2 Vols 5th Edition 2010 Rs4500/-
Ronald Bernstein Handbook of Arbitration Practice 1998 Rs 110
Roy Chowdhary Law of Arbitration & Conciliation Act 1996 Rs 475/-
Russell Arbitration, 23rd Edition Reprint 2009 Rs 5700/-
S B Malik, Justice Commentary on The Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 4th Edition 2009 Rs1395/-
S K Chawla Law of Arbitration & Conciliation (Practice & Procedure) Edition 2000 Rs 675/-
Sheridan Construction & Engineering Arbitration Edition 1999 ?125.00
Sriram Panchu Mediation - Practice and Law Edition 2011 Rs 995/-
Surendra Malik Supreme Court on Arbitration (1950 to date) Edition 2003 Rs 625/-
Taxmann's Law of Arbitration ADR and Contract By D.P.Mittal Edition 2001 Rs 750/-
Vibhute K I International Commercial  Arbitration & State Immunity Edition 1994 Rs 250/-
Armed Forces
Maj. Gen. Nilendra Kumar & Rekha Chaturvedi Law Relating to the Armed Forces in India, 4th Edition 2005 Rs 795/-
Nilendra Kumar Major. Gen. Case Studies on Military Law 2003 Rs.150/-
Nilendra Kumar Major. Gen. Court Martial under Scrutiny 2003 Rs.195/-
Nilendra Kumar Major. Gen. Military Law Handbook for Commanders 2001 Rs.130/-
Nilendra Kumar Major. Gen. & Dr. Hem Chandra Law Relating to Armed Forces in India Edition 2002 Rs.195/-
Rekha Chaturvedi Universal's Manual of Para Military Forces in India Edition 2001 Rs 695/-
Rekha Chaturvedi Universal's Manual of Military Law in India Edition 2001 Rs 550/-
Arms & Explosives
Awasthi Arms & Explosives 1996 Rs 250/-
Gaur's Firearms and Forensic Ballistics, 2nd Edition 2002 Rs 400/-
Gupta Law of Principles of Forensic Ballistics 1996 Rs 350/-
Malik Vijay Explosive Act, 1884 & Explosive Rules, 1983 10th Edition  2002 Rs 175/-
Prem Arms & Explosives 4th Edition 2001 Rs 680/-
Saxena & Gaur's Law of Arms & Explosives 1998 Rs 675/-
Kher Law of Attachment 2000 Rs 330/-
CCH (a Wolters Kluwer business) Secretarial Audit (Dimensions and Deliverables) by Hitender Mehta & Rakshanda Niyazi Edition 2016 Rs 1095/-
Chetan Dalal Novel and Conventional Methods of Audit, Investigation and Fraud Detection Rs 1495/-
Kamal Garg Auditor's Practice Manual, 3rd Edition 2017 Rs 1995/-
Kamal Garg Handbook on Internal Auditing, 2nd Edition 2010 Rs 695/-
Kamal Gupta Contemporary Auditing, 6th Edition 2005 Rs 525/-
Ron Weber EDP Auditing, Conceptual Foundations & Practice, 2nd Edition 2001 Rs 295/-