L.P. Cantonment Act Edition 1996 Rs 55/-
Mittal Cantonment Laws in 2 Vols. Edition 1992 Rs 660/-
Avtar Singh Law of Carriage (Air , Land & Sea) 4th Edition 2005 Rs 475/-
Swarup R. Law of Carriage Edition 1998 Rs 480/-
Capital Gains Tax
Girish Ahuja Dr & Ravi Gupta Dr Taxation of Capital Gains As amended by the Finance Act, 2017 14th Edition 2017 Rs 1195/-
PL. Subramanian A Practical Guide to Capital Gains, Securities Transaction Tax and Gift Tax as amended by The Finance Act, 2017, 14th Edition April 2017 Rs 1250/-
Tarun Chaturvedi Taxation of Capital Gains, 5th Edition 2011 Rs 425/-
Taxmann's Taxation of Capital Gains As Amended by the Finance Act, 2013, Edition 2013 Rs 795/-
Central Excise & Customs 
A K Bhasin & V R Sethi Central Excise Law Guidelines 4th Edition 2008 Rs 310/-
Arun Goyal Easy Reference Customs Tariff, 20th Edition 2002-2003 Rs 650/-
Arvind P.Datar Guide to Central Excise Law & Practice in 2 Vols. Revised by Abhisheek A Rastogi, 7th Edition 2015 Rs4750/-
Awasthi SC on Central Excise Judgments (1990-1998) Rs 880/-
B N Gururaj  Guide to Customs Procedures, 12th Edition 2011 Rs 680/-
B N Gururaj  Guide to the Customs Act in 2 Vols. 1st Edition with Supplement 2003 Rs2590/-
B N Gururaj  Job Work under Central Excise, 11th Edition 2008 Rs 450/-
B N Gururaj CENVAT on Goods & Services 15th Edition 2008 Rs 590/-
Bakul B. Mody Central Excise Audit Rs 250/-
BDP's Central Excise Tariff 18th Edition 2016 Rs1195/-
BDP's Customs Tariff with New Import Policy in 2 Vols 40th Edition 2016 Rs2095/-
Centax Digest of Excise Cases (2 Vols.) Rs1300/-
D V Shidhaye Practical Guide to Central Excise Rs 575/-
G. Sarangi Excise & Customs Refunds Rs 250/-
Gopinath Sarangi Service Tax Manual, 25th Edition 2016 Rs1250/-
Justice Roy Customs Act in 2 Vols, Edition 1999 Rs1000/-
K Nagaraja Rao & P Veera Reddy Key to Central Excise (Based on CBEC Manual and Practical Aspects), Edition 2002 Rs 225/-
K S Ravishankar & Madhukar Hiregange Excise and Service Tax Audit Manual, 2nd Edition 2008 Rs 550/-
K S Ravishankar's Valuation under Central Excise Law, 2nd Millennium Edition  Rs 380/-
K P Sridhara Raman Excise & Customs Settlement - Law & Procedures, Edition 2007 Rs 350/-
K Vijay Kumar & R Raghavendra Rao Guide to Excise Valuation Guide, 9th Edition 2011 Rs 550/-
Markandeya Subodh & Chitra Commentary on the Customs Act (As amended by The Finance Act, 2003) Edition 2003 Rs895/-
Mukherjee's T P Commentary on the Customs Act in 2 Vols., 12th Edition 2012 Rs4195/-
Mukhopadhyey Interpretation of Fiscal Statutes in India Rs 350/-
N.K.Roy Central Excise Procedures at a Glance Rs 275/-
Nabhi Central Excise Guidelines & Procedure Rs 280/-
Nabhi Baggage Rules in India along-with customs Clearance Rs 100/-
P Veera Reddy / P Mamatha Effective CBEC Circulars on Central Excise, Service Tax with Free CD Edition 2009 Rs 725/-
P Veera Reddy / P Mamatha Effective CBEC Circulars on Customs with Free CD Edition 2009 Rs 725/-
P Veera Reddy  Trade Notices on Central Excise as on 1-3-2002 Rs 350/-
P Veera Reddy  Valuation & MRP under Central Excise Rs 295/-
P Veera Reddy  Central Excise Manual (Law & Procedures), 2nd Edition 2001  Rs 350/-
P Veera Reddy / P Mamatha Audit & Investigations under SERVICE TAX, Edition 2008 Rs 495/-
P Veera Reddy / P Mamatha CENTRAL EXCISE Ready Reckoner, 20th Edition 2017 Rs1595/-
P Veera Reddy / P Mamatha How to Handle CENTRAL EXCISE Problems, 3rd Edition 2012 Rs 895/-
P Veera Reddy / P Mamatha Audit & Investigation under SERVICE TAX Edition 2008 Rs 495/-
P Veera Reddy / P Mamatha How to Handle CUSTOMS Problems, 9th Edition 2017 Rs1595/-
R.K.Jain Handbook of Drawback on Goods & Services, 13th Edition 2015 Rs1380/-
R.K.Jain Central Excise Tariff of India, 74th Edition 2017 Rs1450/-
R.K.Jain Central Excise Law Manual, 65th Edition 2017 Rs1450/-
R.K.Jain Customs Law Manual, 56th Edition 2017 Rs1450/-
R.K.Jain Customs Tariff of India in 2 Vols, 63rd Edition 2017 Rs1950/-
R.K.Jain Excise & Customs Case Referencer (1993-1996/Rs 650, 1997-1998/Rs 650, 1999/Rs 675, 2000/Rs 680, 2001/Rs 695, 2002/Rs 750/-) Rs4100/-
R.K.Jain Excise & Customs Case Referencer 2003 (Covering E.L.T.Vols.151 to 162) Rs 790/-
R.K.Jain Excise & Customs Case Referencer 2004 (Covering E.L.T.Vols.163 to 178) Rs 790/-
R.K.Jain Excise & Customs Case Referencer 2005 (Covering E.L.T.Vols.179 to 192) Rs 790/-
R.K.Jain Excise & Customs Case Referencer 2006 (Covering E.L.T.Vols.193 to 206 and S.T.R. Vols 1 to 4) Rs 950/-
R Krishnan / R Parthasarathy Ready Referencer on Practical & Procedural Aspects of CENTRAL EXCISE LAW [Covering Basic Concepts, Procedures, Record Maintenance, Applications, Permissions, Filing of Returns], Edition March 2012 Rs 295/-
R Krishnan / R Parthasarathy Valuation under Central Excise & SERVICE TAX Law, 9th Edition 2012 Rs 695/-
R Krishnan / R Parthasarathy Central Excise Ready Reckoner, 15th Edition 2012 Rs1095/-
Ravi Sankar  Valuation under Central Excise 3rd Edition 2003 Rs 425/-
Ravi Sankar & M Hiregange Excise Audit Manual (Including EA 2000), Edition 2002 Rs 350/-
S B Sarkar Words & Phrases of Excise & Customs in 2 Vols., 4th Edition 2006 Rs1800/-
S Dutt Majumdar  Customs Valuation - Law & Practice, 6th Edition 2016 Rs1480/-
S Dutt Majumdar GST in India - Its Travails, tribulations and challenges ahead, 2nd Edition 2016 Rs 850/-
S P Bhatnagar Customs Law Procedure in 2 Vols, 7th Edition 2008 Rs1800/-
Sarkar Excise & Customs Case Analysis Rs 780/-
Satya Sheel Complete Guide to all Central Excise Procedures Rs 720/-
Saxena Trade Notices on Central Excise Rs 250/-
Sethi Central Excise (2 Vols.) Rs1300/-
T Gunasekharan CENVAT Manual, 29th Edition 2017 Rs1495/-
T Gunasekharan Excise Ready Reckoner, 22nd Edition 2017 Rs1695/-
T Gunasekharan Excise Procedures & Documentation, 7th Edition 2002 Rs 495/-
T Jagapathi Rao Guide to Customs Law & Procedures, 4th Edition 2001 Rs 495/-
Thakur Shailendranath Procedure of Audit & Investigation in Central Excise, Customs & SERVICE TAX Edition 2009 Rs 495/-
Taxmann Demands, Penalties & Appeals under Service Tax / Excise & Customs Laws by V S Datey, 2nd Edition 2009 Rs 575/-
Taxmann Central Excise Ready Reckoner V S Datey, 5th Edition 2008 Rs 375/-
Taxmann CENVAT Law & Practice Also Incorporating Comprehensive Case Law Coverage, Departmental Instructions, Guide to Procedures, Documentations As Amended by Finance Bill 2017, 31st Edition 2017 Rs1195/-
Taxmann Central Excise Tariff with Central Excise Tariff Ready Reckoner, Edition 2003 By Kapil Singhania Rs 495/-
Taxmann Central Excise Law & Practice Also Incorporating Central Excise Valuation and Classification, Cenvat Credit, Central Excise Procedures, SSIs/Job Work  As Amended by Finance Bill 2013 by V S Datey  19th Edition 2013 Rs1275/-
Taxmann Customs Law Practice & Procedures Also Incorporating Special Economic Zones, Customs, Import & Export Procedures, Duty Drawback, Foreign Trade Policy As Amended by Finance Act 2013 by V S Datey  11th Edition 2013 Rs 975/-
V Raghuraman & Madhukar N Hiregange Central Excise Law & Procedures, 17th Edition 2016  Rs1150/-
Central Sales Tax 
Ghanshyam Upadhayay Central Sales Tax Act, 1956 - 2nd Edition 2007 Rs 150/-
K Chaturvedi Central Sales Tax Laws in 2 Vols, 11th Edition 2016  Rs3750/-
PL Subramanian Central Sales Tax Law & Practice - 13th Edition February 2017 Rs 675/-
S Krishnamurthy Case Law on Central Sales Tax Act,1956 4th Edition 1995 Rs 395/-
Srinivasan Central Sales Tax Act 1956 Rs 450/-
Taxmann Central Sales Tax  - Law & Practice 16th Edition 2017 Rs 750/-
Justice P S Narayana / Anita B Gogia Law Relating to Children in India, Edition 2007 Rs 450/-
Chit Fund
ALH Chit Fund and Lotteries in A.P. Edition 2000 Rs 100/-
ALH Protection of Depositors Act Edition 2000 Rs  20/-
S.Krishna Murthy Treatise on Chit Funds Edition 1999 Rs 425/-
Cinema & Video
Choudhary R N  Law Relating to Telephones, Cinema & Videos 2nd Edition 2001 Rs 795/-
Malik V. Law for Cinemas, Videos and Computer Programme Edition 1995 Reprint with Supplement Rs 200/-
Sarkar S.S. Law of Cinemas Cable T.V. Computers & Telephones Edition 2000 Rs 750/-
Srinivasa Devar Cinema Regulation & Public Videos Edition 2000 Rs 450/-
Citizenship, Foreigners & Passports
ALH Citizenship Act Edition 1998 Rs  55/-
ALH Citizenship, Passport & Foreigners Edition  2000 In Press
Dewan V.K. Law of Citizenship, Foreigners & Passports, 3rd Edition 2001 Rs 800/-
Gurbax Singh Law of Foreigners Citizenship and Passports Edition2003 Rs950/-
R P Kataria, Sanjay Misra Law Relating to Citizenship, Passports & Foreigners, 2nd Edition 2017 Rs1650/-
Civil Procedure Code
A.N.Saha Civil Procedure Code in 2 Vols. 2000 Rs1600/-
Anita Marwah, Dr. Lectures on Civil Procedure Code Edition2001 Rs 125/-
Anand Law of compromises Edition 1996 Rs 250/-
B.V. Vishvanatha Aiyer C.P.C(2 Vols.) Edition 2000 Rs1600/-
Banerjee BN Law of Civil Appeals and Revisions In 3 Vols 4th Edition Rs1425/-
Bansal & Aiyer Civil Ready Reference in 3 Vols. Edition 1997 Rs2250/-
Beotra & Shanglo Oaths Act, 2nd Edition1999 Rs 75/-
C K Thakker Code of Civil Procedure in 3 Vols, Edition 2002 Rs2400/-
Ganguly's Civil Court Practice & Procedure, 13th Edition 2005 Rs1290/-
M.L.J's Code of Civil Procedure in 4 Vols 12th Edition Rs2200/-
M.P.Jain The Code of Civil Procedure 3rd Edition 2011 Rs 695/-
Midha J.R. Key to New Provisions in Civil Procedure Edition2003 Rs 80/-
Mitra's Civil Reference by M R Mallick, 4th Edition 2002 Rs1290/-
Mukherjee Civil Law Digest, 1996-2000 in 2 Vols. Edition 2001 Rs.900/-
Mulla DF The Code of Civil Procedure Code in 3 Vols, 18th Edition 2011 Rs5395/-
Mulla DF Code of Civil Procedure (Abridged), 15th Edition 2012 Reprint 2013 Rs2695/-
Mulla DF Key to Indian Practice-Summary of The  Civil Procedure Code, 10th Edition 2012 Reprint 2013 Rs 425/-
Justice Nandi Code of Civil Procedure (Pocket Edition), Edition 2002 Rs 50/-
Justice Nandi Code of Civil Procedure, Edition 2002 Rs 850/-
Justice Nandi Civil Ready Referencer in 3 Vols, Edition 2002  Rs2500/-
P.K. Majumdar The Code of Civil Procedure Edition 2000 Rs 850/-
P.K. Majumdar Commentary on The Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 in 2 Vols., 6th Edition 2017 Rs3600/-
P.K. Majumdar The Code of Civil Procedure Edition 1998 Rs 360/-
P.K. Majumdar The CPC (Pocket Edition) Edition 2000 Rs 140/-
Premier Civil Acts (Pocket Edition) Edition 2001 Rs 350/-
P.S. Narayana Suits - Law Practice & Procedure Edition 1998 Rs 300/-
P.S. Narayana Civil Pleadings & Practice Edition 2000 Rs 225/-
R.P.Sethi (Justice) The Code of Civil Procedure Edition2002 Rs 795/-
Ram, Dev & Nigam Provincial Small Cause Courts Act, 2nd Edition1999 Rs375/-
Ramakrishna Digest on Civil Procedure Code(1914 to 1999) in 2 Vols. Edition 2000 Rs1500/-
Remesan & Prasad Violation of Injunction & Civil Contempt Edition 2000 Rs 150/-
S.A.Chari Stay Orders & Temporary Injunctions Edition 1998 Rs 180/-
S.A.Chari Law of Summons & Notices Edition 1998 Rs 240/-
S.Row Civil Procedure Code in 4 Vols. Edition 1996 Rs2400/-
Sarkar's Civil Court Practice & Procedure Manual 10th Edition 2001 Rs 695/-
Sarkar's Code of Civil Procedure in 2 Vols. Revised by Justice M L Singhal & Sudipto Sarkar, 12th Edition 2017 Rs4995/-
Singhal ML Civil Court Practice and Procedure, 3rd Edition 1997 Rs 550/-
Suranjan Chakraverti & Bholeshwar Nath Cases & Materials on Civil Procedure in 2 Vols. 4th Edition 2006 Rs1650/-
Takwani Civil Procedure Code 5th Edition2003 Rs 250/-
Taxmann Code of Civil Procedure Edition 2000 Rs 475/-
V J Rao's The Code of Civil Procedure, 1908  in 2 Volumes Revised by Vedula Venkata Ramana & Vedula Srinivas 5th Edition 2008 Rs1980/-
Vedula Srinivas / R N Hemenderanath Reddy The Code of Civil Procedure, 1908  3rd Edition2008 Rs 695/-
Wadhwa's Code of Civil Procedure Edition 2002  Rs 330/-
Woodroffe & Ameer Ali Commentary on Code of Civil Procedure in 3 Vols., 4th Edition 2006 Rs3595/-
Y Rama Rao Lawyers Ready Referencer (Civil) with Model Pleadings and Forms, 3rd Edition 2007 Rs 1495/-
Company Law
A L Saini, Dr. Practical Guide to XBRL and Revised Schedule VI with Free CD, Edition 2011 Rs 595/-
Amardeep Dhamija Company Formations 1st Edition 2004 Rs 400/-
Amit K Vyas Insider Trading, Law & Practice, April 2002 Edition Rs 225/-
Badjatya Model Objects Clause of Memorandum of Association of a Company, 2nd Edition 2001 Rs 450/-
Baily & Groves Corporate Insolvency - Law & Practice, 3rd Edition 2011 Rs3295/-
Bhandari & Makheeja Guide to Memorandum Articles & Incorporation of Companies, 5th Edition 2011 Rs1495/-
Bhanu Prakash Agrawal Business & Corporate Tax Planning Handbook 1st Edition 2001 Rs 990/-

COMPANIES ACT, 2013 with Rules (Pocket Size), 27th Edition 2016

Rs 495/-

COMPANIES ACT, 2013 (Pocket Size), 25th Edition 2016

Rs 360/-
Bharat's Companies Rules & Forms w.e.f. 01-04-2014 16th Edition 2014 Rs 795/-
Bharat's Companies (Accounting Standards) Rules, 2006 2nd Edition 2008 Rs 250/-
Bharat's Manual of Companies Act, Corporate Laws & SEBI Guidelines with FREE CD in 2 Vols 14th Edition 2009 Rs1395/-
Bimal R Bhatt CARO 2003 Edition June 2006 Rs 200/-
Buckley Companies Acts in 6 Volumes, 15th Edition 2010 Rs9995/-
C M Bindal & P K Mittal Frequently Asked Questions on Company Law (Problems & Solutions) Edition 2005-06 Rs 695/-
C R Datta Company Law (Set of 3 Vols + 2 Appendices + 1 Consolidated Table of Cases and Subject Index), 7th Edition 2017 Rs12500/-
CCH (a Wolters Kluwer business)

Companies Act, 2013 and Rules & Forms with Concise Commentary and Referencer (Includes Free CD), 5th Edition 2017

CCH (a Wolters Kluwer business)

The Companies Act, 2013 by ICSI  Edition August 2013

Rs 595/-
CCH (a Wolters Kluwer business)

Analysis of Companies Act, 2013 by Corporate Professionals Edition August 2013

CCH (a Wolters Kluwer Business) A Practical Guide to Revised Schedule VI With XBRL Taxonomy and Business Rules by Dr. Sanjeev Singhal / R Sankaraiah, Edition 2011 Rs 595/-
CCH a Wolters Kluwer Business A Hands-on Approach to XBRL and Revised Schedule VI [Filing, Assurance, Taxonomy and Business Rules by Dr. Sanjeev Singhal / R Sankaraiah, Edition 2011 Rs 695/-
Charlesworth's COMPANY LAW Revised by Professor Stephen Girvin, Professor Alastair Hudson, Dr. Sandy Frisby, 18th Edition Reprint 2011 Rs 950/-
D K Jain Filing of Forms & Returns under Company Law  2nd Edition 2008 Rs1395/-
D K Jain, Dr. COMPANY LAW READY RECKONER with Free Download of Book, 19th Edition 2017 Rs3195/-
D S R Krishnamurti Company Law - A veritable Legal Commentary on Companies Act, 1956 with Free CD Edition 2007 Rs1595/-
Gower and Davies' Principles of Modern Company Law, 8th Edition Reprint 2008 Rs 950/-
Ghosh & K R Chandratre (Dr.) Company Law with Free CD Vol 1 & 2 Released, 15th Edition 2015 Each Volume Rs2495/-
K S Anantharaman Company Law & the Competition Act including Secretarial Practice, 11th Edition 2013 Rs 425/-
Kamal Garg, CA Company Balance Sheet & Profit and Loss Account, 5th Edition 2015 Rs1595/-
H P S Pahwa Pvt  Ltd. Companies Rs 650/-
Israni Commentary on Companies Amendment Act Edition 2003 Rs 225/-
Iyengar S Companies Winding Up, 2nd Edition 1988 Rs 200/-
J C Verma Manual of Merchant Banking 1996 Rs 750/-
J C Verma Concepts, Practices & Procedures of Non-Banking Financial Companies, 3rd Edition 2001 Rs 595/-
K R Chandratre (Dr.) Practical Guide to Memorandum of Association & Articles of Association, Edition 2006 Rs 350/-
K R Chandratre (Dr.) All About Private Limited Companies, Edition 2006 Rs 300/-
K R Chandratre (Dr.) Handbook on Company Deposits As amended by The Companies (Amendment) Act, 2000, 3rd Edition 2001 Rs 550/-
K R Chandratre (Dr.) Guide to Company Directors (Appointment, Vacation of Office and Removal, Remuneration, Loans, Office or Place of Profit, Contracts & Arrangements, Meetings & Proceedings), 4th Edition 2003 Rs 795/-
K R Chandratre (Dr.)  Manual of Corporate Law Compliance & Corporate Governance Edition 2006 Rs 895/-
K R Chandratre (Dr.)  Law Relating to Insider Trading with Select SAT Orders, 3rd Edition 2016 Rs1095/-
K R Sampath Law of Corporate Governance, Principles & Perespective (Director's Handbook)  with Free CD Edition 2006 Rs 495/-
K.S.Ravichandran The Prosecution of Directors and Officer Under Company Law Edition 2002 Rs 395/-
K V Shanbhogue Company Law Procedures Revised by D K Jain in 2 Vols,  6th Edition 2009 Rs1495/-
K V Shanbhogue Company Resolutions, Notices, Meetings & Minutes with Free CD, 12th Edition 2012 Rs2195/-
Kamal Garg Company Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account, 6th Edition 2017 Rs1695/-
Khanna Nitin Company Law Lexicon, Edition 2000 Rs450/-
LVV Iyer Guide to Company Directors - Powers, Rights, Duties, Liabilities & Corporate Social Responsibilities, 4th Edition 2016 Rs1995/-
M.C.Bhandari Guide to Company Law Procedures in 4 Volumes,  23rd Edition 2015 Rs9950/-
Madhusudan Agarwal & Rajesh Tayal Company Law Ready Reckoner, Edition 2003 Rs 595/-
Mohan R Lavi Sarbanes Oxley (A Practice Manual), 2nd Edition 2006 Rs 495/-
Nabhi Formation and Management of Private Company Rs 190/-
Palmer Company Law Manual Edition 2000 ?150.00
Rajesh Tayal Guide to Private Limited Companies As amended by The Companies (Amendment) Act, 2000, 2nd Edition 2001 Rs 550/-
Ramaiya A Guide to the Companies Act Revised by Arvind P Datar, S. Balasubramanian, 18th Edition 2014 Rs13995/-
Ramaiya A Guide to the Companies Act (With SEBI Guidelines, Rules & Regulations and Accounting & Auditing Practices) Appendix Parts 3, 4, 5 & 6, 18th Edition 2015 Rs6995/-
Ramaiya A Company Law Digest (2 Vols.) Rs1795/-
Reece Thomas & C L Ryan The Law and Practice of Shareholders' Agreements, 3rd Edition 2010 Rs2295/-
S.A. Naik The Law of Sick Industrial Companies, 2nd Edition 2002 Rs1195/-
S.D. Israni Handbook on Private Companies, Edition 2007 Rs 550/-
S. Krishnamurthi Company Deposits Rs 300/-
S.M. Dugar's Guide to Competition Law [Containing Commentary on the Competition Act, MRTP Act and Consumer Protection Act] in 2 Volumes, 5th Edition 2010 Rs3990/-
Sandeep Bhalla Company Law Digest in 2 Vols Edition 2001 Rs1590/-
Sanjiv Agarwal Corporate Governance - Concept & Dimensions, Edition 2003 Rs 395/-
Shackleton Law and Practice of Meetings, 11th Edition Reprint 2010 Rs3200/-
Shanbogue/Ganeshan Guide to Company Deposits, Non-Banking Financial Companies, Chit Funds, Commercial Paper & Credit Rating 5th Edition 1996 Rs695/-
Suryanarayan R Company Law Ready Reckoner Based on New Companies Act, 2013 and New Rules Notified with effect from 01-04-2014, 12th Edition 2014 Rs2295/-

Companies Act with Rules & Forms (Paperback Edition) As Amended by Finance Act 2017, Edition May 2017


Company Law Manual [A Compendium of Companies Act 2013 along with Relevant Rules As Amended by Finance Act 2017], 7th Edition May 2017


Companies Act with Rules (Paperback Pocket Edition) As Amended by Finance Act 2017, Edition May 2017

Rs 650/-

Companies Act with Rules (Hardbound Pocket Edition) As Amended by Finance Act 2017, 28th Edition May 2017

Rs 775/-
Taxmann's Law & Practice Relating to CARO 2016 A Para-wise Commentary on Companies (Auditor's Report) Order 2016 by Srinivasan Anand G. CA, Edition June 2006 Rs 525/-
Taxmann's Company Law Ready Reckoner, 4th Edition February 2017 Rs 875/-
Taxmann's Corporate Laws (Set of 2 volumes) Paperback Pocket Edition, 35th Edition January 2017 Rs1195/-

Master Guide to Companies Act 2013 [Quick Guides to Companies Act 2013 explaining What is New, What is Modified & What is Dropped. Company Law Practice Manual Explaining entire Gamut of Companies Act 2013 in 44 Tables. Landmark Indian & Foreign Rulings relevant under Companies Act 2013 (1913-2013). Circulars Relevant under Companies Act 2013] Edition August 2013

V Krishnamachari, Dr. Law of Confessions, Edition 2005 Rs 250/-
A.M.Bhattacharjee Equality Liberty & Property under the Constitution of India Edition 1997 Rs 200/-
Alladi Kuppuswamy Constitution- What it means to the People Edition 2001 Rs 150/-
APJA Democracy & Federalism 1996 Rs 150/-
Anand Justice A.S. The Constitution of J & K Its Development and Comments, 4th Edition2004 Rs 450/-
Anand C.L.  Constitutional Law and History of Govt. of InddiaAct,1935 & The Constitution of India, 8th Edition 2008 Rs1295/-
Arvind P Datar Constitution of India in 3 Vols 2nd Edition 2007 Rs4185/-
Ashok Dhamija, Dr. Need to Amend a Constitutuion and Doctrine of Basic Features, Edition 2007 Rs 495/-
B.L.Hansaria Writ Jurisdiction under the Constitution 1992 Rs 260/-
Cardozo Judicial Process 1998 Rs 110/-
Chaudary A.S. Constitutional Rights & Limitations 2nd Edition 1997 Rs 500/-
Dicey A.V. An Introduction to the Study of the Law of Constitution 10th Edition 2003 Rs 395/-
Durga Das Basu Commentary on the Constitution of India Revised by Justice C K Thakkar, Justice S S Subramani, Justice T S Doabia, Justice B P Banerjee, 8th Edition 2011 Vol. 1 to 9 Each Volume Rs1995/-
Durga Das Basu Shorter Constitution of India 13th Edition 2006 Rs1495/-
Durga Das Basu Comparative Federalism, 2nd Edition 2008 Rs.695/-
Durga Das Basu Comparative Constitutional Law, 2nd Edition 2008 Rs.695/-
Durga Das Basu Indian Constitutional Law 3rd Edition 2011 Rs.1895/-
Durga Das Basu Introduction to the Constitution of India 19th Edition 2008 Rs.145/-
Erskine May Parliamentary Practice, 24th Edition 2011 Rs5995/-
G.C.V.S.Rao Constitution of India 1998 Rs 220/-
G.Manohar Rao Dr. Ambedkar & Constitution of India 1997 Rs 150/-
George Robert P Great Cases in Constitutional Law (First Indian Reprint) 2001 Rs.240/-
Granville Austin The Indian Constitution- Cornerstone of a Nation, Edition 1999 Rs 250/-
Hansaria Right to Life and Liberty under the Constitution 1996 Rs 240/-
Hansaria B L Does India need a New Constitution Edition 1998 Rs 130/-
Hansaria B.L. Right to Life & Liberty Under the Constitution Edition 1993 Rs 180/-
Heuston R F V  Essays in Constitutional Law 2nd Edition 1999 Rs 225/-
J.R.Corsi Constitutional Law A Political Science Case Book (Spl. Price) Rs 400/-
Justice M.N.Rao Random Reflections on Law 1996 Rs 175/-
Subhash C. Kashyap, Dr. Constitutional Law of India in 2 Vols.  Edition 2008 Rs 3495/-
Kashyap Subhash C. The Citizen and Judicial Reforms Edition2003 Rs 350/-
Kashyap Subhash C. Anti Defection Law and Parliamentary Principles Edition1993 Rs 350/-
Keir & Lawson Cases in Constitutional Law 6th Edition 1997 Rs 325/-
Kramer, Simmonds & Steiner A Debate Over Rights, Edition 2003 Rs 545/-
M.L.J's Constitution of India 12th Edition In 4 Vols. Rs2000/-
M.P.Jain Indian Constitutional Law, 6th Edition 2010 Reprint 2013 Rs 995/-
M.P.Jain Indian Constitutional Law  (With Constitutional Documents) Revised by Samraditya Pal & Ruma Pal, 6th Edition 2010 In 2 Vols. Rs3990/-
Majumdar & Kataria Constitution of India rpt 2000 Rs  60/-
N K ACHARYA The Constitution of India 5th Edition 2014 Rs 360/-
P.K.Majumdar Constitution of India R/p Rs 120/-
P.M.Bakshi The Constitution of India, 5th Edition 2004(Pocket Size Rs 60/-) Rs 130/-
Pylee M.V. Our Constitution, Govt. and Politics 2nd Edition 2002 Rs 195/-
Pylee M.V.  Constitutional Amendments in India Edition 2003 Rs 850/-
Pylee M.V. Select Constitutions of the World Economy Edition 2002 Rs295/-
Pylee M.V. Constitutions of the World in 2 Vols., 4th Edition 2012 Rs2850/-
Rama Jois Justice M. Legal and Constitutional History of India (Ancient Legal ,Judicial and constitutional System) Reprint 2004 Rs 220/-
Ranbir Singh & A Lakshminath Constitutional Law Edition 2005 Rs 350/-
S P Sathe & Sathya Narayan Liberty, Equality & Justice, Struggles for a new Social Order, Edition 2003 Rs 475/-
Saharay H K The Constitution of India An Analytical Approach 3rd Edition 2002 Rs 750/-
Seervai H.M. Constitutional Law of India in 3 Vols. Edition  2002 Rs2400/-
Shetreet Shimon Law and Social Pluralism Edition2003 Rs 350/-
Singh DR M.P. Outlines of Indian Legal & Constitutional History 7th Edition2003 Rs 60/-
Snowiss Sylvia Judicial Review & the Law of the Constitution, Third Indian Reprint 2003 Rs 225/-
Tribe Laurence H Constitutional Choices, First Indian Reprint 2000 Rs 350/-
Taxmann Constitution of India By Subhash C. Jain Rs2000/-
Taxmann Constitution of India Select Issues & Perceptions By Subhash C. Jain Rs450/-
Universal's Multiple Choice Questions on Constitution of India Edition 2004 Rs 80/-
Universal's Report of National Commission to Review the Working of Constitution Edition 2003 Rs 250/-
V N Shukla Constitution of India, Revised by M P Singh 10th Edition 2003[Paper Back-Rs 390/-] Rs 590/-
V R Krishna Iyer Constitutional Miscellany, 2nd Edition 2003 Rs 325/-
Venkat Iyer States of Emergency-An Indian Experience Edition 2000 Rs 425/-
Venkat Iyer Democracy, Human Rights and The Rules of Law: Essays in Honour of Nani Phalkivala, Edition 2000 Rs 425/-
Venkat Iyer Constitutional Perspectives (Essays in Honour and Memory of H M Seervai) Edition 2001 Rs 350/-
Consumer Protection
Avtar Singh Law of Consumer Protection (Principles & Practice), 3rd Edition 2004 Rs 350/-
Anoop Kaushal K Practical Guide to Consumer Protection Law 2nd Edition 2000 Rs 175/-
Anoop Kaushal K Medical Negligence and Legal Remedies with special reference to Consumer Protection Law, 3rd Edition2004 Rs.195/-
Anoop Kaushal K Case Law Digest 1997 on Consumer Protection Edition 1998 (1996- Rs 195, 1995- Rs 175/-) Rs 175/-
Avaantika Kakkar A Perspective On Product Liability And Consumer Safety, 1st Edition2004 Rs 400/-
Barowalia J N, Dr. Commentary on the Consumer Protection Act, 1986   5th Edition 2012 Rs1595/-
CPJ Consumer Protection Judgments Per Vol. 1991 onwards Rs 390/-
CPR Consumer Protection Reporter (Per Vol.)1991 onwards Rs 350/-
Dilip K Sheth Treatise on Consumer Protection Law Edition 2003 Rs1295/-
Gupta S.N. Banks & Consumer Protection Law Edition2000 Rs 250/-
Jagdish Singh Medical Profession & Consumer Protection Act 1999 Rs 450/-
Justice D P Wadhwa & N L Rajah Law of Consumer Protection Edition 2006 Rs1395/-
Lowe & Woodroffe Consumer Law & Practice 5th Edition 1999 ? 24.00
Majumdar P K Law of Consumer Protection in India 5th Edition 2005 (Shorter Edition Rs 750/-) Rs1280/-
NCDRC Landmark Judgements on Consumer Protection Edition2003 Rs 495/-
R.K.Bag Law of Medical Negligence & Compensation Sixth Edition2001 Rs 475/-
Sengupta Consumer Protection Act, Edition 1999 Rs 800/-
Taxmann Consumer Protection Law Manual Edition2003 Rs 275/-
V Balakrishna Eradi (Justice Retd.) Consumer Protection Jurisprudence Edition 2004 Rs 675/-
V K Agarwal, Dr. Consumer Protection Law & Practice 6th Edition 2008 Rs1095/-
Vats R M Consumer and the Law Edition 1994 Rs 200/-
Vats R M Law relating to Insurance with special reference to Consumer Protection Law Reprint 2001 Rs175/-
Vats R M Law relating to Telephones with special reference to Consumer Protection Law 2nd Edition Reprint 2000 Rs250/-
Venkat Rao Law of Consumer Protection 1998 Rs 660/-
Contempt Of Court
Aiyar K.J. Contempt of Courts, Legislatures & Public Servants 1997 Rs 725/-
Butterworths Common Law Series The Law of Contempt, 4th Edition 2010 Rs2395/-
G.C.V. Subba Rao's Commentary on Contempt of Court Act, 1971 Revised by Vepa P Sarthi, 4th Edition 2008 Rs 995/-
Iyers's Law of Contempt of Courts (Parliament State Assemblies and Public Servants), 2nd Edition 2002 Rs 975/-
Justice Roy Contempt of Court 1996 Rs 275/-
Justice J D Kapoor Law of Contempt of Court, 2nd Edition 2010 Rs 850/-
Justice Tekchand & Yadav (Justice) Law of Contempt of Court & Legislature 4th Edition 1997 Rs 450/-
Oswald's Contempt of Court (Indian Rpt.) 1993 Rs 350/-
P.S. Narayana Law of Contempt 1999 Rs 250/-
Samaraditya Pal The Law of Contempt of Court, 4th Edition 2006 Rs1195/-
A.C.Moitra Principles and Digest of Indian Contract Act with Govt. Tenders and Contracts 4th Edition 2000 Rs 650/-
A.P.Talati Critical Commentary on Securities Contracts (Regulation) Act Edition2002 Rs 250/-
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Conveyancing, Pleadings & Drafting
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K.S.Gopala Krishnan Criminal Pleadings (Principle, Procedure, Practice) with Free CD  5th Edition 2008 Rs 540/-
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R K Gupta Guide to Deeds & documentation with Comments, Checklist & Precedents in 2 Vols. with Free CD, 5th Edition 2011[Single Volume Rs 2450/-] Rs2590/-
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Co-operative Society
Arora & Kalra All India Co-operative Law Digest 1997 Rs 495/-
Goel Law of Multi-State Co-operative Society 1997 Rs 390/-
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Copyright, Trademark & Patents
B.L.Wadehra Law Relating to Patents, Trade Marks, Copyrights, Designs & Geographical Indications 3rd Edition 2004 Rs
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Court Fees
Basu M N Law of Court Fees & Suits Valuation 11th Edition 2002 Rs795/-
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Central Power Works Department & Construction
GOI Delhi Schedule of Rates Edition 2007 Rs 500/-
IBC Practical Handbook on Buildings Edition 2008 Rs 700/-
Nabhi's Commentary on  CPWD Specifications in 3 Vols. Edition 2002 Rs1600/-
Nabhi's Compilation of CPWD Manual [Vol.2] 7th Edition 2000 Rs 300/-
Nabhi's Practical Handbook on Building Construction 5th Edition 2007 Rs 370/-
Nabhi's General Conditions of Contract for CPWD Works, Edition 2001 Rs  38/-
Nabhi's Compilation of Analysis of Rates - Civil Works (in 2 Vol.) Edition 2000 Rs 990/-
Nabhi's Compilation of CPW Accounts Code Edition 1997 Rs 140/-
Nabhi's Compilation of CPWD Departmental Code 3rd Edition 2000 Rs  90/-
Nabhi's Compilation of Book of Forms as referred in CPWA Code 2nd Edition 1998 Rs 140/-
Nabhi's Compilation of Power's of CPWD Officers Edition 2000 Rs 120/-
Nabhi's Compilation of Quality Assurance Circulars of CPWD Edition 2001 Rs 95/-
Nabhi's Vastu Shastra - A Handy Guide Rs  40/-
V K Puri Compilation of CPWD Manual Vol.1,  Edition 2008 Rs 400/-
Criminal Law (Indian Penal Code)
Basu's Indian Penal Code (2 Vols.) 2000 Rs1300/-
Bholeshwar Nath Indian Penal Code 1998 Rs 880/-
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P.Satyanarayana Criminal Compendium (In Telugu) 2000 Rs 395/-
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Ratanlal & Dhirajlal The Indian Penal Code, 33rd Edition 2010 Economy P/B Rs 595/-
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Sarkar Indian Penal Code in 2 Vols, Edition 2001  Rs1400/-
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V.J.Rao The Criminal Compendium 1998 Rs1400/-
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Williams Glanville Text Book of Criminology 1st Indian Reprint 3rd Edition 2001 Rs 475/-
Criminal Law (Miscellaneous)
A.B.Srivastava Law of Arrest and Bail 1999 Rs 475/-
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Banerji Police Diaries 1996 Rs 650/-
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Bridges & Monir Criminal Investigation Practical Finger Printing -Handwriting-Expert Testimony-Opinion Evidence Edition 2000 Rs 425/-
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Deb Criminal Justice in 3 Vols. 1997 Rs 725/-
Ejaz Ahmed Criminal Investigation (Medical & Non-medical Evidence) 1994 Rs 480/-
Field Atlas of Human body (Illustrated) Medical Jurisprudence, Medical Legal guide Rs 225/-
Ganguly's Criminal Court Practice & Procedure 9th Edition 2000 Rs 650/-
Gaur K.D. Criminal Law 1999 Rs 650/-
Gross Criminal Investigation, 5th Edition2002 Rs 550/-
Gupta Law and Principles of Forensic Ballistics, 4th Edition 1991 Rs 300/-
Gupta R.L. Law of Forgeries, Counterfeiting & Cheatings with up to date case law 1996 Rs 350/-
Gupta R.L. Medico-Legal Aspects of Sexual Offences, 3rd Edition 1991 Rs 150/-
Hardless HR Disputed Documents Examination & Finger Prints Identification Rs 350/-
Hatcher, Jury, Weller Firearms,  Investigation, Identification & Evidence, 4th Edition1997 Rs 425/-
Lawyer's Collective Domestic Violence and Law, Edition2000 Rs 250/-
Mangari Rajender Dying Declaration (Telugu) 1997 Rs  40/-
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Russell On Crime, 12th Edition In 2 Vols. First Indian Reprint 2001 Rs1500/-
S.Krishna Murthy Law of Dying Declaration 1999 Rs 950/-
S.Krishna Murthy Law of Anticipatory Bail 2000 Rs 950/-
S Subramanian, Dr. Forensic Science in Investigation of Crime, Edition 2007 Rs 295/-
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Sharma B.R. Fire Arms in Criminal Investigation and Trials, 3rd Edition 2002 Rs 465/-
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Smith Samuel Atlas of Human Body-Medico Legal Guide-Medical Jurisprudence Edition2000 Rs 425/-
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Surendra Nath Fingerprint Identification in Crime Detection 1991 Rs 150/-
Walls H.J. Forensic Science-An Introduction to Scientific Crime Detection, 2nd Edition2002 Rs 395/-
Watcher Firearms Investigation Identification Evidence 1995 Rs 325/-
Criminal Major Acts 
A N Saha Criminal Major Acts Edition 2002 Rs 650/-
A N Saha Criminal Major Acts (Pocket Size) Edition 2002 Rs 350/-
D N Sen Criminal Major Acts, 2nd Edition 2001 (Pocket Size Rs 330/-) Rs 550/-
Justice Khastgir Criminal Major Acts, Edition 2001 Rs 350/-
P C Sarkar Criminal Major Act, 6th Edition 2001 (Pocket size Rs 380) Rs 580/-
P V Ramakrishna Criminal Major Acts, 10th Edition 2009 Rs 440/-
Padala Rama Reddi Criminal Major Acts 3rd Edition 2000 Rs 250/-
Taxmann's Criminal Major Acts Law & Practice Rs 550/-
Universal's Criminal Manual, with Free copy of Digest of Important Cases on CrPC, IPC and Evidence Edition 2001 Rs 295/-
Criminal Minor Acts
Ahmed Central Criminal Minor Acts 2000 Rs 295/-
N.D. Basu Criminal Minor Acts in (2 Vols) 2002 Rs1600/-
Premier Criminal Minor Acts (Pocket Edition) 2002 Rs 275/-
P.C. Sarkar Criminal Minor Act in 2 Vols. (R/p). 2000 Rs1980/-
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Soni & Sachdeva Central Criminal Minor Acts in 3 Vols. 1997 @450/-
Criminal Procedure Code
D D Basu's Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 in 2 Vols 4th Edition 2010 Rs1760/-
Banerjee BN Law  of Criminal Appeals, Revisions, Reference and Review (With Model Forms), 6th Edition2003 Rs1095/-
Batuk Lal Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 2nd Edition 2001 Rs 980/-
Mitra B.B. Code of Criminal Procedure in 2 Vols, 21st Edition 2011 Rs3900/-
R V Kelkar Criminal Procedure, 4th Edition 2001 Rs 550/-
Ramanath Aiyer's The Code of Criminal Procedure in 4 Vols. 1999 per Vol. Rs 650/-
Ratanlal & Dhirajlal The Code of Criminal Procedure, 20th Edition 2016 Rs2495/-
Ratanlal & Dhirajlal The Code of Criminal Procedure, 20th Edition 2011 Economy P/B Rs 595/-
Ratanlal & Dhirajlal The Code of Criminal Procedure, 17th Edition 2006 Economy P/B (Hindi Translation) Rs 495/-
Ratanlal & Dhirajlal The Code of Criminal Procedure, 15th Edition 1997 Dx H/B Rs 695/-
S.C. Sarkar The Code of Criminal Procedure - An Encyclopaedic Commentary on the Code of Criminal Procedure as Amended by the Amending Acts of 2005, 2008 and 2010 2 Vols, 10th Edition 2012 Rs3990/-
Sohni's Code of Criminal Procedure (5 Vols.) (Vol.I Rs.795/-; Vol.II Rs.850/-; Vol.III Rs.1195/-; Vol.IV Rs.750/-; Vol.V Rs.750/-) Edition 2002-05 Rs4340/-
Thakkar CK Criminal Procedure Code Rs150/-
Woodroffe's Code of Criminal Procedure (2 Vols.) 1998 Rs1400/-
Criminal Trial
B.Malik Criminal Trial 1996 Rs 775/-
P C Banerjee Criminal Trial and Investigation 3rd Edition 2001 Rs 850/-
Rao & Rao Criminal Trial, 4th Edition 2008 Rs1195/-
Sreedhar Rao M. Criminal Trial Practice and Procedure 1999 Rs 770/-
Cross Examination
Aiyar & Aiyar The Art of Cross Examination with Model Forms (9th Edition) 1996 Rs 850/-
Ashoka Law of Cross Examination 2000 Rs 650/-
B K Somashekhara (Justice) Aiyer's & Aiyer's Principles and Precedents of The Art of Cross Examination Edition 2004 Rs1395/-
Jaibhave Law of Cross Examination(2 Vols.) 1998 Rs 850/-
Karkara Art of a Lawyer 1993 Rs 300/-
Malik Art of a Lawyer, 7th Edition 1993 Rs 325/-
Malik Practical Hints on Cross Examination, 3rd Edition 2002 Rs 700/-
P.Ramanatha Aiyer Cross Examination- Principles & Precedents,  4th Edition 2011 Rs1195/-
Prem D.R. Cross Examination, Arguments & Instructive Trials Edition 2001 Rs 750/-
Cyber Crimes
S V Joga Rao Law of Cyber Crimes & Information Technology Law (Policy, Law & Practice alongwith The text of Global legislations focusing on Cyber Crimes, etc. Edition 2007 Rs1995/-