LL.B. I Sem    Contract - I     Family Law - I     Constitutional Law I    Law of Torts including Motor Vehicle Accidents & Consumer Protection Laws Environmental Law


LL.B. (3YDC) II Semester         Contact - II                 Family Law - II                 Constitutional Law II                 Law of Crimes                 Law of Evidence


LL.B. (3YDC) III Semester         Jurisprudence             Law of Property             Administrative Law             Company Law             Labour Law -I


LL.B. (3YDC) IV Semester     Labour Law -II         Public International Law         Interpretation of Statutes     Land Laws         Intellectual Property Law


LL.B. V Sem  CPC and Law of Limitation     CrPC, Law of Juvenile Justice and Probation of Offenders Law of Banking and Negotiable Instruments     Alternate Dispute Resolution Professional Ethics & Professional Accounting System


LL.B. VI Sem     Law of Taxation     Information Technology Law     (A) Law Relating to Women     (B) Human Rights Law     (C) Law of Investment and Securities     Drafting, Pleadings & Conveyancing     Moot Courts, Observation of Trial, Pre-trial Preparations and Internship