L.P. Cantonment Act Edition 1996 Rs 55/-
Mittal Cantonment Laws in 2 Vols. Edition 1992 Rs 660/-
Avtar Singh Law of Carriage (Air , Land & Sea) 4th Edition 2005 Rs 475/-
Swarup R. Law of Carriage Edition 1998 Rs 480/-
Capital Gains Tax
Girish Ahuja Dr & Ravi Gupta Dr Taxation of Capital Gains As amended by the Finance Act, 2018 15th Edition 2018 Rs 1195/-
PL. Subramanian A Practical Guide to CAPITAL GAINS TAX, SECURITIES TRANSACTION TAX AND GIFT TAX AS AMENDED BY THE FINANCE ACT, 2018 Along with FMV of Equity Shares as on 31-01-2018 [Explains Whole Gamut of Capital Gains Tax in Simple Language.] [ISBN:978-93-5039-295-9, Pages:780], 15TH EDITION APRIL 2018 Rs 1350/-
Tarun Chaturvedi Taxation of Capital Gains, 5th Edition 2011 Rs 425/-
Taxmann's Taxation of Capital Gains As Amended by the Finance Act, 2013, Edition 2013 Rs 795/-
Central Excise & Customs 
A K Bhasin & V R Sethi Central Excise Law Guidelines 4th Edition 2008 Rs 310/-
Arun Goyal Easy Reference Customs Tariff, 20th Edition 2002-2003 Rs 650/-
Arvind P.Datar Guide to Central Excise Law & Practice in 2 Vols. Revised by Abhisheek A Rastogi, 7th Edition 2015 Rs4750/-
Awasthi SC on Central Excise Judgments (1990-1998) Rs 880/-
B N Gururaj  Guide to Customs Procedures, 12th Edition 2011 Rs 680/-
B N Gururaj  Guide to the Customs Act in 2 Vols. 1st Edition with Supplement 2003 Rs2590/-
B N Gururaj  Job Work under Central Excise, 11th Edition 2008 Rs 450/-
B N Gururaj CENVAT on Goods & Services 15th Edition 2008 Rs 590/-
Bakul B. Mody Central Excise Audit Rs 250/-
BDP's Central Excise Tariff 18th Edition 2016 Rs1195/-
BDP's Customs Tariff with New Import Policy in 2 Vols 40th Edition 2016 Rs2095/-
Centax Digest of Excise Cases (2 Vols.) Rs1300/-
D V Shidhaye Practical Guide to Central Excise Rs 575/-
G. Sarangi Excise & Customs Refunds Rs 250/-
Gopinath Sarangi Service Tax Manual, 24th Edition 2016 Rs1250/-
Justice Roy Customs Act in 2 Vols, Edition 1999 Rs1000/-
K Nagaraja Rao & P Veera Reddy Key to Central Excise (Based on CBEC Manual and Practical Aspects), Edition 2002 Rs 225/-
K S Ravishankar & Madhukar Hiregange Excise and Service Tax Audit Manual, 2nd Edition 2008 Rs 550/-
K S Ravishankar's Valuation under Central Excise Law, 2nd Millennium Edition  Rs 380/-
K P Sridhara Raman Excise & Customs Settlement - Law & Procedures, Edition 2007 Rs 350/-
K Vijay Kumar & R Raghavendra Rao Guide to Excise Valuation Guide, 9th Edition 2011 Rs 550/-
Markandeya Subodh & Chitra Commentary on the Customs Act (As amended by The Finance Act, 2003) Edition 2003 Rs895/-
Mukherjee's T P Commentary on the Customs Act in 2 Vols., 12th Edition 2012 Rs4195/-
Mukhopadhyey Interpretation of Fiscal Statutes in India Rs 350/-
N.K.Roy Central Excise Procedures at a Glance Rs 275/-
Nabhi Central Excise Guidelines & Procedure Rs 280/-
Nabhi Baggage Rules in India along-with customs Clearance Rs 100/-
P Veera Reddy / P Mamatha Effective CBEC Circulars on Central Excise, Service Tax with Free CD Edition 2009 Rs 725/-
P Veera Reddy / P Mamatha Effective CBEC Circulars on Customs with Free CD Edition 2009 Rs 725/-
P Veera Reddy  Trade Notices on Central Excise as on 1-3-2002 Rs 350/-
P Veera Reddy  Valuation & MRP under Central Excise Rs 295/-
P Veera Reddy  Central Excise Manual (Law & Procedures), 2nd Edition 2001  Rs 350/-
P Veera Reddy / P Mamatha Audit & Investigations under SERVICE TAX, Edition 2008 Rs 495/-
P Veera Reddy / P Mamatha How to Handle CENTRAL EXCISE Problems, 3rd Edition 2012 Rs 895/-
P Veera Reddy / P Mamatha Audit & Investigation under SERVICE TAX Edition 2008 Rs 495/-
P Veera Reddy / P Mamatha How to Handle CUSTOMS Problems, 4th Edition 2012 Rs 895/-
R.K.Jain Handbook of Drawback on Goods & Services, 13th Edition 2015 Rs1380/-
R.K.Jain Central Excise Tariff of India, 72nd Edition 2016 Rs1450/-
R.K.Jain Central Excise Law Manual, 63rd Edition 2016 Rs1450/-
R.K.Jain Customs Law Manual, 54th Edition 2016 Rs1450/-
R.K.Jain Customs Tariff of India in 2 Vols, 61st Edition 2016 Rs1950/-
R.K.Jain Circulars & Clarifications under Excise & Customs with Judicial Analysis in 2 Vols., 9th Edition 2008 Rs1600/-
R.K.Jain Valuation & Invoicing under Central Excise Rs 320/-
R K Jain Supreme Court on Central Excise, Customs & Service Tax with Judicial Analysis and Court Room Highlights (1950-2005) in 9 Volumes Rs6300/-
R K Jain Supreme Court on Central Excise, Customs & Service Tax with Judicial Analysis and Court Room Highlights (2001-2005) in 2 Volumes Rs1400/-
R.K.Jain Excise & Customs Case Referencer (1993-1996/Rs 650, 1997-1998/Rs 650, 1999/Rs 675, 2000/Rs 680, 2001/Rs 695, 2002/Rs 750/-) Rs4100/-
R.K.Jain Excise & Customs Case Referencer 2003 (Covering E.L.T.Vols.151 to 162) Rs 790/-
R.K.Jain Excise & Customs Case Referencer 2004 (Covering E.L.T.Vols.163 to 178) Rs 790/-
R.K.Jain Excise & Customs Case Referencer 2005 (Covering E.L.T.Vols.179 to 192) Rs 790/-
R.K.Jain Excise & Customs Case Referencer 2006 (Covering E.L.T.Vols.193 to 206 and S.T.R. Vols 1 to 4) Rs 950/-
R.K.Jain CESTAT's Larger Bench Decisions on Excise & Customs (2000-2005) Edition 2005 Rs1350/-
R.K.Jain CESTAT's Larger Bench Decisions on Excise & Customs (1982-2005) in 2 Vols  Edition 2005 Rs 550/-
R Krishnan / R Parthasarathy Ready Referencer on Practical & Procedural Aspects of CENTRAL EXCISE LAW [Covering Basic Concepts, Procedures, Record Maintenance, Applications, Permissions, Filing of Returns], Edition March 2012 Rs 295/-
R Krishnan / R Parthasarathy Valuation under Central Excise & SERVICE TAX Law, 9th Edition 2012 Rs 695/-
R Krishnan / R Parthasarathy Central Excise Ready Reckoner, 15th Edition 2012 Rs1095/-
Ravi Sankar  Valuation under Central Excise 3rd Edition 2003 Rs 425/-
Ravi Sankar & M Hiregange Excise Audit Manual (Including EA 2000), Edition 2002 Rs 350/-
S B Sarkar Words & Phrases of Excise & Customs in 2 Vols., 4th Edition 2006 Rs1800/-
S Dutt Majumdar  Customs Valuation - Law & Practice, 6th Edition 2016 Rs1480/-
S Dutt Majumdar GST in India - Its Travails, tribulations and challenges ahead, 2nd Edition 2016 Rs 850/-
S P Bhatnagar Customs Law Procedure in 2 Vols, 7th Edition 2008 Rs1800/-
Sarkar Excise & Customs Case Analysis Rs 780/-
Satya Sheel Complete Guide to all Central Excise Procedures Rs 720/-
Saxena Trade Notices on Central Excise Rs 250/-
Sethi Central Excise (2 Vols.) Rs1300/-
T Gunasekharan CENVAT Manual, 24th Edition 2012 Rs1195/-
T Gunasekharan Excise Ready Reckoner, 17th Edition 2012 Rs1295/-
T Gunasekharan Excise Procedures & Documentation, 7th Edition 2002 Rs 495/-
T Jagapathi Rao Guide to Customs Law & Procedures, 4th Edition 2001 Rs 495/-
Thakur Shailendranath Procedure of Audit & Investigation in Central Excise, Customs & SERVICE TAX Edition 2009 Rs 495/-
Taxmann Demands, Penalties & Appeals under Service Tax / Excise & Customs Laws by V S Datey, 2nd Edition 2009 Rs 575/-
Taxmann Central Excise Ready Reckoner V S Datey, 5th Edition 2008 Rs 375/-
Taxmann CENVAT Law & Practice Also Incorporating Comprehensive Case Law Coverage, Departmental Instructions, Guide to Procedures, Documentations As Amended by Finance Bill 2012, 25th Edition 2012 Rs1295/-
Taxmann Central Excise Tariff with Central Excise Tariff Ready Reckoner, Edition 2003 By Kapil Singhania Rs 495/-
Taxmann Central Excise Law & Practice Also Incorporating Central Excise Valuation and Classification, Cenvat Credit, Central Excise Procedures, SSIs/Job Work  As Amended by Finance Bill 2013 by V S Datey  19th Edition 2013 Rs1275/-
Taxmann Customs Law Practice & Procedures Also Incorporating Special Economic Zones, Customs, Import & Export Procedures, Duty Drawback, Foreign Trade Policy As Amended by Finance Act 2013 by V S Datey  11th Edition 2013 Rs 975/-
V Raghuraman & Madhukar N Hiregange Central Excise Law & Procedures, 17th Edition 2016  Rs1150/-
Central Sales Tax 
Ghanshyam Upadhayay Central Sales Tax Act, 1956 - 2nd Edition 2007 Rs 150/-
K Chaturvedi Central Sales Tax Laws in 2 Vols, 10th Edition 2012  Rs3700/-
PL Subramanian Central Sales Tax Law & Practice - 4th Edition May 2008 Rs 550/-
Ravi Subramanyam Commentary on Central Sales Tax Act, 1956  Edition September 2011 Rs 630/-
S Krishnamurthy Case Law on Central Sales Tax Act,1956 4th Edition 1995 Rs 395/-
Srinivasan Central Sales Tax Act 1956 Rs 450/-
Taxmann Central Sales Tax  - Law & Practice by V S Datey, 12th Edition 2013 Rs 595/-
Justice P S Narayana / Anita B Gogia Law Relating to Children in India, Edition 2007 Rs 450/-
Chit Fund
ALH Chit Fund and Lotteries in A.P. Edition 2000 Rs 100/-
ALH Protection of Depositors Act Edition 2000 Rs  20/-
S.Krishna Murthy Treatise on Chit Funds Edition 1999 Rs 425/-
Cinema & Video
Choudhary R N  Law Relating to Telephones, Cinema & Videos 2nd Edition 2001 Rs 795/-
Malik V. Law for Cinemas, Videos and Computer Programme Edition 1995 Reprint with Supplement Rs 200/-
Sarkar S.S. Law of Cinemas Cable T.V. Computers & Telephones Edition 2000 Rs 750/-
Srinivasa Devar Cinema Regulation & Public Videos Edition 2000 Rs 450/-
Citizenship, Foreigners & Passports
ALH Citizenship Act Edition 1998 Rs  55/-
ALH Citizenship, Passport & Foreigners Edition  2000 In Press
Dewan V.K. Law of Citizenship, Foreigners & Passports, 3rd Edition 2001 Rs 800/-
Gurbax Singh Law of Foreigners Citizenship and Passports Edition2003 Rs950/-
Civil Procedure Code
A.N.Saha Civil Procedure Code in 2 Vols. 2000 Rs1600/-
Anita Marwah, Dr. Lectures on Civil Procedure Code Edition2001 Rs 125/-
Anand Law of compromises Edition 1996 Rs 250/-
B.V. Vishvanatha Aiyer C.P.C(2 Vols.) Edition 2000 Rs1600/-
Banerjee BN Law of Civil Appeals and Revisions In 3 Vols 4th Edition Rs1425/-
Bansal & Aiyer Civil Ready Reference in 3 Vols. Edition 1997 Rs2250/-
Beotra & Shanglo Oaths Act, 2nd Edition1999 Rs 75/-
C K Thakker Code of Civil Procedure in 3 Vols, Edition 2002 Rs2400/-
Ganguly's Civil Court Practice & Procedure, 13th Edition 2005 Rs1290/-
M.L.J's Code of Civil Procedure in 4 Vols 12th Edition Rs2200/-
M.P.Jain The Code of Civil Procedure 3rd Edition 2011 Rs 695/-
Midha J.R. Key to New Provisions in Civil Procedure Edition2003 Rs 80/-
Mitra's Civil Reference by M R Mallick, 4th Edition 2002 Rs1290/-
Mukherjee Civil Law Digest, 1996-2000 in 2 Vols. Edition 2001 Rs.900/-
Mulla DF The Code of Civil Procedure Code in 3 Vols, 18th Edition 2011 Rs5395/-
Mulla's Code of Civil Procedure (Abridged) by Sir Dinshaw Fardunji Mulla Revised by Justice Deepak Verma and Namit Saxena [ISBN: 9789386515131], 17th Edition 2018 Rs3395/-
Mulla DF Key to Indian Practice-Summary of The  Civil Procedure Code, 10th Edition 2012 Reprint 2013 Rs 425/-
Justice Nandi Code of Civil Procedure (Pocket Edition), Edition 2002 Rs 50/-
Justice Nandi Code of Civil Procedure, Edition 2002 Rs 850/-
Justice Nandi Civil Ready Referencer in 3 Vols, Edition 2002  Rs2500/-
P.K. Majumdar The Code of Civil Procedure Edition 2000 Rs 850/-
P.K. Majumdar Commentary on Code of Civil Procedure, 1908,4th Edition 2002 Rs 850/-
P.K. Majumdar The Code of Civil Procedure Edition 1998 Rs 360/-
P.K. Majumdar The CPC (Pocket Edition) Edition 2000 Rs 140/-
Premier Civil Acts (Pocket Edition) Edition 2001 Rs 350/-
P.S. Narayana Suits - Law Practice & Procedure Edition 1998 Rs 300/-
P.S. Narayana Civil Pleadings & Practice Edition 2000 Rs 225/-
R.P.Sethi (Justice) The Code of Civil Procedure Edition2002 Rs 795/-
Ram, Dev & Nigam Provincial Small Cause Courts Act, 2nd Edition1999 Rs375/-
Ramakrishna Digest on Civil Procedure Code(1914 to 1999) in 2 Vols. Edition 2000 Rs1500/-
Remesan & Prasad Violation of Injunction & Civil Contempt Edition 2000 Rs 150/-
S.A.Chari Stay Orders & Temporary Injunctions Edition 1998 Rs 180/-
S.A.Chari Law of Summons & Notices Edition 1998 Rs 240/-
S.Row Civil Procedure Code in 4 Vols. Edition 1996 Rs2400/-
Sarkar's Civil Court Practice & Procedure Manual 10th Edition 2001 Rs 695/-
Sarkar's Law of Civil Procedure in 2 Vols. by Supito Sarkar & V R Manohar 11th Edition 2008 Rs2990/-
Singhal ML Civil Court Practice and Procedure, 3rd Edition1997 Rs 550/-
Suranjan Chakraverti & Bholeshwar Nath Cases & Materials on Civil Procedure in 2 Vols. 4th Edition 2006 Rs1650/-
Takwani Civil Procedure Code 5th Edition2003 Rs 250/-
Taxmann Code of Civil Procedure Edition 2000 Rs 475/-
V J Rao's The Code of Civil Procedure, 1908  in 2 Volumes Revised by Vedula Venkata Ramana & Vedula Srinivas 5th Edition 2008 Rs1980/-
Vedula Srinivas / R N Hemenderanath Reddy The Code of Civil Procedure, 1908  3rd Edition2008 Rs 695/-
Wadhwa's Code of Civil Procedure Edition 2002  Rs 330/-
Woodroffe & Ameer Ali Commentary on Code of Civil Procedure in 3 Vols., 4th Edition 2006 Rs3595/-
Y Rama Rao Lawyers Ready Referencer (Civil) with Model Pleadings and Forms, 3rd Edition 2007 Rs 1495/-
Company Law
A L Saini, Dr. Practical Guide to XBRL and Revised Schedule VI with Free CD, Edition 2011 Rs 595/-
Amardeep Dhamija Company Formations 1st Edition 2004 Rs 400/-
Amit K Vyas Insider Trading, Law & Practice, April 2002 Edition Rs 225/-
Badjatya Model Objects Clause of Memorandum of Association of a Company, 2nd Edition 2001 Rs 450/-
Baily & Groves Corporate Insolvency - Law & Practice, 3rd Edition 2011 Rs3295/-
Bhandari & Makheeja Guide to Memorandum Articles & Incorporation of Companies, 5th Edition 2011 Rs1495/-
Bhanu Prakash Agrawal Business & Corporate Tax Planning Handbook 1st Edition 2001 Rs 990/-

COMPANIES ACT, 2013 with Comments (Act No. 18 of 2013) 19th Edition 2013

Rs 595/-

COMPANIES ACT, 2013 with Comments (Act No. 18 of 2013) (Pocket Size) 19th Edition 2013

Rs 275/-
Bharat's Companies Rules & Forms w.e.f. 01-04-2014 16th Edition 2014 Rs 795/-
Bharat's Companies (Accounting Standards) Rules, 2006 2nd Edition 2008 Rs 250/-
Bharat's Manual of Companies Act, Corporate Laws & SEBI Guidelines with FREE CD in 2 Vols 14th Edition 2009 Rs1395/-
Bimal R Bhatt CARO 2003 Edition June 2006 Rs 200/-
Buckley Companies Acts in 6 Volumes, 15th Edition 2010 Rs9995/-
C M Bindal & P K Mittal Frequently Asked Questions on Company Law (Problems & Solutions) Edition 2005-06 Rs 695/-
C R Datta Company Law With Accounting & Auditing Practices by Kamal Gupta In 4 Vols. & Appendix Part1, 6th Edition 2008 [Box 1] Rs9999/-
C R Datta Company Law With Accounting & Auditing Practices by Kamal Gupta Appendix Part 2 & 3, 6th Edition 2008 [Box 2] Rs2995/-
CCH (a Wolters Kluwer business)

Companies Act, 2013 And Rules & Forms with Concise Commentary And Referencer by Corporate Professionals, 6th Edition 2018

CCH (a Wolters Kluwer business)

The Companies Act, 2013 by ICSI  Edition August 2013

Rs 595/-
CCH (a Wolters Kluwer business)

Analysis of Companies Act, 2013 by Corporate Professionals Edition August 2013

CCH (a Wolters Kluwer Business) A Practical Guide to Revised Schedule VI With XBRL Taxonomy and Business Rules by Dr. Sanjeev Singhal / R Sankaraiah, Edition 2011 Rs 595/-
CCH a Wolters Kluwer Business Company Law Ready Reckoner by Ashish Makhija, Edition 2018 Rs 1995/-
Charlesworth's COMPANY LAW Revised by Professor Stephen Girvin, Professor Alastair Hudson, Dr. Sandy Frisby, 18th Edition Reprint 2011 Rs 950/-
Dalal/Gaggar/Kshirsagar Guide to Notes On Company Accounts & Reports (A Complete Compilation of over 7000 Notes on Company Accounts presented under convenient headings and arranged as per schedule VI of the Companies Act, 1956 also containing Auditors Reports and Directors Reports including Notes on MAOCARO, 1988) Fourth Edition 2002  Rs1195/-
Dalal/Gaggar/Kshirsagar Guide to Company Balance Sheet & Profit & Loss Account (Volume 3), 4th Edition 2003 Rs1295/-
D K Jain Filing of Forms & Returns under Company Law  2nd Edition 2008 Rs1395/-
D K Jain Preferential Issue of Securities, Edition 2006 Rs 395/-
D K Jain COMPANY LAW READY RECKONER [with FREE Download of Book] [ISBN:9788177372588, Pages:1984], 20th Edition 2018 Rs3295/-
D S R Krishnamurti Company Law - A veritable Legal Commentary on Companies Act, 1956 with Free CD Edition 2007 Rs1595/-
Gower and Davies' Principles of Modern Company Law, 8th Edition Reprint 2008 Rs 950/-
Ghosh & K R Chandratre (Dr.) Company Law with Secretarial Practice in 4 Vols, 14th Edition 2012 Each Volume Rs1995/-
H P Ranina Corporate Taxation in 2 Vols, Edition 2003 Rs1795/-
K S Anantharaman Company Law & the Competition Act including Secretarial Practice, 11th Edition 2013 Rs 425/-
Kamal Garg Company Balance Sheet & Profit and Loss Account under XBRL & New Schedule VI, 4th Edition 2012 Rs1595/-
Kamal Garg Practical Guide to Revised Schedule VI under XBRL & New Schedule VI, Edition 2012 Rs 795/-
H P S Pahwa Pvt  Ltd. Companies Rs 650/-
Israni Commentary on Companies Amendment Act Edition 2003 Rs 225/-
ICSI Corporate Governance (Modules of Best Practices), 7th Edition 2008 Rs 575/-
ICSI Company Meeting - A Compendium, Edition 2004 Rs 375/-
Iyengar S Companies Winding Up, 2nd Edition 1988 Rs 200/-
J C Verma Manual of Merchant Banking 1996 Rs 750/-
J C Verma Concepts, Practices & Procedures of Non-Banking Financial Companies, 3rd Edition 2001 Rs 595/-
K R Chandratre (Dr.) Practical Guide to Memorandum of Association & Articles of Association, Edition 2006 Rs 350/-
K R Chandratre (Dr.) All About Private Limited Companies, Edition 2006 Rs 300/-
K R Chandratre (Dr.) Handbook on Company Deposits As amended by The Companies (Amendment) Act, 2000, 3rd Edition 2001 Rs 550/-
K R Chandratre (Dr.) Guide to Company Directors (Appointment, Vacation of Office and Removal, Remuneration, Loans, Office or Place of Profit, Contracts & Arrangements, Meetings & Proceedings), 4th Edition 2003 Rs 795/-
K R Chandratre (Dr.)  Manual of Corporate Law Compliance & Corporate Governance Edition 2006 Rs 895/-
K R Sampath Law of Corporate Governance, Principles & Perespective (Director's Handbook)  with Free CD Edition 2006 Rs 495/-
K.S.Ravichandran The Prosecution of Directors and Officer Under Company Law Edition 2002 Rs 395/-
K V Shanbhogue Company Law Procedures Revised by D K Jain in 2 Vols,  6th Edition 2009 Rs1495/-
K V Shanbhogue Company Resolutions, Notices, Meetings & Minutes with Free CD, 12th Edition 2012 Rs2195/-
Khanna Nitin Company Law Lexicon, Edition 2000 Rs450/-
LVV Iyer Guide to Company Directors - Powers, Rights, Duties, Liabilities, Corporate Social Responsibilities and Company Precedents Revised by Arun Visweswaran [ISBN: 9789386515452], 5th Edition 2018 Rs2495/-
M.C.Bhandari Guide to Company Law Procedures with e-filing & Corporate Governance Vol 1, (Containing Procedures) 22nd Edition 2010 Rs2295/-
M.C.Bhandari Guide to Company Law Procedures Vol 2,(Containing Company Notices, Meeting, Resolutions & Minutes) 21st Edition 2009 Rs2195/-
M.C.Bhandari Guide to Company Precedents, Agreements Deeds and Documentations with Practice Notes, 21st Edition 2009 Rs2195/-
Madhusudan Agarwal & Rajesh Tayal Company Law Ready Reckoner, Edition 2003 Rs 595/-
Mohan R Lavi Sarbanes Oxley (A Practice Manual), 2nd Edition 2006 Rs 495/-
Nabhi Formation and Management of Private Company Rs 190/-
P S Narayana, Justice The Companies Act, 1956 with Companies Rules & Allied Laws in 2 Volumes  Edition 2006 Rs2160/-
Palmer Company Law Manual Edition 2000 ?150.00
Rajesh Tayal Guide to Private Limited Companies As amended by The Companies (Amendment) Act, 2000, 2nd Edition 2001 Rs 550/-
Ramaiya A Guide to the Companies Act (With SEBI Guidelines, Rules & Regulations and Accounting & Auditing Practices)  Treatise Parts 1, 2 & 3 and Appendix Part 1 & 2, 17th Edition 2010 Rs11995/-
Ramaiya A Guide to the Companies Act (With SEBI Guidelines, Rules & Regulations and Accounting & Auditing Practices) Appendix Parts 3, 4, 5 & 6, 17th Edition 2010 Rs5995/-
Ramaiya A Company Law Digest (2 Vols.) Rs1795/-
Reece Thomas & C L Ryan The Law and Practice of Shareholders' Agreements, 3rd Edition 2010 Rs2295/-
S.A. Naik The Law of Sick Industrial Companies, 2nd Edition 2002 Rs1195/-
S.D. Israni Handbook on Private Companies, Edition 2007 Rs 550/-
S. Krishnamurthi Company Deposits Rs 300/-
S.M. Dugar's Guide to Competition Law [Containing Commentary on the Competition Act, MRTP Act and Consumer Protection Act] in 2 Volumes, 5th Edition 2010 Rs3990/-
Sandeep Bhalla Company Law Digest in 2 Vols Edition 2001 Rs1590/-
Sanjiv Agarwal Corporate Governance - Concept & Dimensions, Edition 2003 Rs 395/-
Shackleton Law and Practice of Meetings, 11th Edition Reprint 2010 Rs3200/-
Shanbogue/Ganeshan Guide to Company Deposits, Non-Banking Financial Companies, Chit Funds, Commercial Paper & Credit Rating 5th Edition 1996 Rs695/-
Suryanarayan R Company Law Ready Reckoner Based on New Companies Act, 2013 and New Rules Notified with effect from 01-04-2014, 12th Edition 2014 Rs2295/-
Taxmann's Illustrated Guide to Revised Schedule VI with Video Lecture on DVD by Dr. T P GHOSH, 4th Edition 2012 Rs 995/-

A Comparative Study of Companies Act 2013 with Rules and Companies Act 1956 with Rules, 2nd Edition April 2014

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Companies Act 2013 (Paperback Edition Large Format) Edition August 2013


Companies Act 2013 (Paperback Pocket Edition) Edition August 2013

Rs 295/-

Companies Act 2013 (Hardbound Pocket Edition) Edition August 2013

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Taxmann's Company Notices Meetings & Resolutions with CD by A M Chakraborti, Edition 2003 Rs 775/-

Corporate Laws (Hardbound Pocket Edition) Edition August 2013

Rs 795/-
Taxmann's Company Law Procedures with CD  by S Kannan & V S Sowrirajan, Edition 2003 Rs1295/-

Companies Act 2013 (Set of 3 Volumes) Edition August 2013

Taxmann's Company Secretaries Guide to Compliance Certificate under Section 383A(1), Proviso, of Companies Act, Edition2001 By V.L.Iyer Rs 375/-
Taxmann's Company Rules and Forms with Company Rules Ready Reckoner, Edition 2014 Rs 995/-
Taxmann's Companies Act 2013 with Rules, Edition 2014 Rs 495/-
Taxmann's Yearly Corporate Law Digest & Refrencer Edition 2000 (1999 Rs 550/-) Rs 750/-
Taxmann's Corporate Laws with New Schedule VI and Amended Schedule XIII, 24th Edition 2011 (Pocket Edition) Rs 625/-
Taxmann's Company Meetings A Compendium, January 2004 Rs 375/-
Taxmann's Compendium of Orders of Securities Appellate Tribunal (January 2003-December 2003), Edition2004 Rs 575/-
Taxmann's Compendium of Orders of Securities Appellate Tribunal (1995-2002), Edition 2003 Rs 875/-
Taxmann's Corporate Governance (Law, Practice & Procedures) with Case Studies by Dr C L Bansal, Edition 2006 Rs 550/-
Taxmann's Depository Participants Law and Practice By Vijay K. Gaba Rs 550/-
Taxmann How to form a Private Company/Public Company/Producer Company By V. L. Iyer Rs 195/-
Taxmann's Master Guide to Company Secretaries By Dr. S. Kannan  Edition 2001 Rs 575/-
Taxmann's Secretarial Practice with Registrar of Companies By M. L. Sharma Edition 2003 Rs 775/-

Master Guide to Companies Act 2013 [Quick Guides to Companies Act 2013 explaining What is New, What is Modified & What is Dropped. Company Law Practice Manual Explaining entire Gamut of Companies Act 2013 in 44 Tables. Landmark Indian & Foreign Rulings relevant under Companies Act 2013 (1913-2013). Circulars Relevant under Companies Act 2013] Edition August 2013

Taxmann's Companies Act with Year Book Corporate Laws, 11th Edition 2008 (Pocket Edition) Rs 365/-
Taxmann's Illustrated Guide to Revised Schedule VI by Dr. T P Ghosh, Edition 2011 Rs 495/-
Taxmann's Guide to New Schedule VI with New Schedule VI Ready Reckoner, Disclosure Check Lists, Sample Formats, Filing of  Sheet in XBRL Taxonomy by CA Srinivsan Anand G, 2nd Edition 2011 Rs 625/-
Taxmann's Companies Act with Case Laws [1913-2008], Circulars & Notifications on Company Law [1956-2008] with Free CD, 6th Edition 2009 Rs 725/-
Tony Khindria On Business Law-An Indian Perspective, Edition 2003 Rs 495/-
V Krishnamachari, Dr. Law of Confessions, Edition 2005 Rs 250/-
A.M.Bhattacharjee Equality Liberty & Property under the Constitution of India Edition 1997 Rs 200/-
Alladi Kuppuswamy Constitution- What it means to the People Edition 2001 Rs 150/-
APJA Democracy & Federalism 1996 Rs 150/-
Anand Justice A.S. The Constitution of J & K Its Development and Comments, 4th Edition2004 Rs 450/-
Anand C.L.  Constitutional Law and History of Govt. of InddiaAct,1935 & The Constitution of India, 8th Edition 2008 Rs1295/-
Arvind P Datar Constitution of India in 3 Vols 2nd Edition 2007 Rs4185/-
Ashok Dhamija, Dr. Need to Amend a Constitutuion and Doctrine of Basic Features, Edition 2007 Rs 495/-
B.L.Hansaria Writ Jurisdiction under the Constitution 1992 Rs 260/-
Cardozo Judicial Process 1998 Rs 110/-
Chaudary A.S. Constitutional Rights & Limitations 2nd Edition 1997 Rs 500/-
Dicey A.V. An Introduction to the Study of the Law of Constitution 10th Edition 2003 Rs 395/-
Durga Das Basu Commentary on the Constitution of India Revised by Justice C K Thakkar, Justice S S Subramani, Justice T S Doabia, Justice B P Banerjee, 8th Edition 2011 Vol. 1 to 9 Each Volume Rs1995/-
Durga Das Basu's Shorter Constitution of India (Set of 2 Volumes) Revised by Justice A K
Patnaik [ISBN: 9788131253885]15th Edition 2018
Durga Das Basu Comparative Federalism, 2nd Edition 2008 Rs.695/-
Durga Das Basu Comparative Constitutional Law, 2nd Edition 2008 Rs.695/-
Durga Das Basu Indian Constitutional Law 3rd Edition 2011 Rs.1895/-
Durga Das Basu Introduction to the Constitution of India 19th Edition 2008 Rs.145/-
Erskine May Parliamentary Practice, 24th Edition 2011 Rs5995/-
G.C.V.S.Rao Constitution of India 1998 Rs 220/-
G.Manohar Rao Dr. Ambedkar & Constitution of India 1997 Rs 150/-
George Robert P Great Cases in Constitutional Law (First Indian Reprint) 2001 Rs.240/-
Granville Austin The Indian Constitution- Cornerstone of a Nation, Edition 1999 Rs 250/-
Hansaria Right to Life and Liberty under the Constitution 1996 Rs 240/-
Hansaria B L Does India need a New Constitution Edition 1998 Rs 130/-
Hansaria B.L. Right to Life & Liberty Under the Constitution Edition 1993 Rs 180/-
Heuston R F V  Essays in Constitutional Law 2nd Edition 1999 Rs 225/-
J.R.Corsi Constitutional Law A Political Science Case Book (Spl. Price) Rs 400/-
Justice M.N.Rao Random Reflections on Law 1996 Rs 175/-
Subhash C. Kashyap, Dr. Constitutional Law of India in 2 Vols.  Edition 2008 Rs 3495/-
Kashyap Subhash C. The Citizen and Judicial Reforms Edition2003 Rs 350/-
Kashyap Subhash C. Anti Defection Law and Parliamentary Principles Edition1993 Rs 350/-
Keir & Lawson Cases in Constitutional Law 6th Edition 1997 Rs 325/-
Kramer, Simmonds & Steiner A Debate Over Rights, Edition 2003 Rs 545/-
M.L.J's Constitution of India 12th Edition In 4 Vols. Rs2000/-
M.P.Jain Indian Constitutional Law Revised by Justice Jasti Chelameswar and Justice Dama Seshadri Naidu [ISBN: 9789386515049], 8th Edition 2018 Rs 1595/-
M.P.Jain Indian Constitutional Law  (With Constitutional Documents) Revised by Samraditya Pal & Ruma Pal, 6th Edition 2010 In 2 Vols. Rs3990/-
Majumdar & Kataria Constitution of India rpt 2000 Rs  60/-
N K ACHARYA The Constitution of India 5th Edition 2014 Rs 360/-
P.K.Majumdar Constitution of India R/p Rs 120/-
P.M.Bakshi The Constitution of India, 5th Edition 2004(Pocket Size Rs 60/-) Rs 130/-
Pylee M.V. Our Constitution, Govt. and Politics 2nd Edition 2002 Rs 195/-
Pylee M.V.  Constitutional Amendments in India Edition 2003 Rs 850/-
Pylee M.V. Select Constitutions of the World Economy Edition 2002 Rs295/-
Pylee M.V. Constitutions of the World in 2 Vols., 4th Edition 2012 Rs2850/-
Rama Jois Justice M. Legal and Constitutional History of India (Ancient Legal ,Judicial and constitutional System) Reprint 2004 Rs 220/-
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Consumer Protection
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Contempt Of Court
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Conveyancing, Pleadings & Drafting
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Co-operative Society
Arora & Kalra All India Co-operative Law Digest 1997 Rs 495/-
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Copyright, Trademark & Patents
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Court Fees
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Central Power Works Department & Construction
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Criminal Law (Indian Penal Code)
Basu's Indian Penal Code (2 Vols.) 2000 Rs1300/-
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Criminal Law (Miscellaneous)
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Field Atlas of Human body (Illustrated) Medical Jurisprudence, Medical Legal guide Rs 225/-
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S.Krishna Murthy Law of Anticipatory Bail 2000 Rs 950/-
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Walls H.J. Forensic Science-An Introduction to Scientific Crime Detection, 2nd Edition2002 Rs 395/-
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Criminal Major Acts 
A N Saha Criminal Major Acts Edition 2002 Rs 650/-
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D N Sen Criminal Major Acts, 2nd Edition 2001 (Pocket Size Rs 330/-) Rs 550/-
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Universal's Criminal Manual, with Free copy of Digest of Important Cases on CrPC, IPC and Evidence Edition 2001 Rs 295/-
Criminal Minor Acts
Ahmed Central Criminal Minor Acts 2000 Rs 295/-
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Criminal Procedure Code
D D Basu's Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 in 2 Vols 4th Edition 2010 Rs1760/-
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S.C. Sarkar The Code of Criminal Procedure - An Encyclopaedic Commentary on the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 in 2 Vols Revised by Dr H R Jhingta
[ISBN: 9789386515414], 12th Edition 2018
Sohni's Code of Criminal Procedure (5 Vols.) Revised by Justice M L Singhal
[ISBN: 9789386515377] 22nd Edition 2018
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Criminal Trial
B.Malik Criminal Trial 1996 Rs 775/-
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Rao & Rao Criminal Trial, 4th Edition 2008 Rs1195/-
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Cross Examination
Aiyar & Aiyar The Art of Cross Examination with Model Forms (9th Edition) 1996 Rs 850/-
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Prem D.R. Cross Examination, Arguments & Instructive Trials Edition 2001 Rs 750/-
Cyber Crimes
S V Joga Rao Law of Cyber Crimes & Information Technology Law (Policy, Law & Practice alongwith The text of Global legislations focusing on Cyber Crimes, etc. Edition 2007 Rs1995/-