Halsbury’s Laws of England 

Halsbury’s Laws of England covers the whole spectrum of English law and is designed to enable practitioners to answer the full range of questions likely to arise in the course of their work, especially those which fall outside their own fields of expertise. It provides the only comprehensive narrative statement of the law of England and Wales, containing law derived from every source, and written by leading lawyers, both practitioners and academics, to ensure readers benefit from a wealth of knowledge and experience. Halsbury’s Laws of England covers every proposition of English law (whether statutory or common law), and it is divided into alphabetically arranged titles, making it convenient to use and enabling quick and easy research into any area of law. The fourth edition of Halsbury’s Laws was published in 56 volumes between 1973 and 1987, with selective reissues between 1988 and 1998 under the editorship of the Rt Hon Lord Hailsham of St Marylebone, Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain (1970 to 1974 and 1979 to 1987). Reissue volumes since August 1998 are published under the editorship of the Rt Hon Lord Mackay of Clashfern, Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain (1987 to 1997). Halsbury’s Laws of England is regularly updated by an annual Cumulative Supplement and a monthly service. An abridgement volume summarising the legal developments of each year is also published every May and volumes are reissued as and when justified by the changes in the law and charged for separately on publication. The complete set consists of over 70 text volumes, a consolidated table of cases, a consolidated table of statutes and statutory instruments, and a consolidated index (in two volumes). The Annual Cumulative Supplement and Annual Abridgement volumes are charged for separately on publication, as are new editions of the index and tables. Two looseleaf binders, containing the Noter-up, Monthly Reviews and other current material, are charged annually. Price: £ 4000/-


American Jurisprudence, 2d (Lawyers Cooperative Publishing)

No. of Volumes       :          135            Updating    :          Annually

Last Updated          :          July 2001 Price           :          $3,300.00

American Jurisprudence, 2d (Am Jur, 2d) provides an unparalled breadth of coverage of all fields of American law—state and federal, civil and criminal, substantive and procedural. The articles collect, examine, and summarize the broad principles of American law and, at the same time, provide direct leads to supporting cases, related annotations, forms, proofs, and trial techniques. Alphabetically arranged in more than 400 topics or chapters.