Accident Claims
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K Kanan Personal Accidents & Compensation Laws Edition 2005 Rs.990/-
Accounting Standards, Ind(AS) & IFRS
A L Saini, Dr, CA RAJESH SAINI INDIAN ACCOUNTING STANDARDS ( IND-AS) READY RECKONER,[ISBN:978-93-5039-302-4, Pages:900] [Updated as per Companies (Indian Accounting Standards) Amendment Rules, 2018, Issued on 28-03-2018, Contains Ind AS 115 (applicable from FY 2018-19), explained with various examples. Analyzed impacts of Ind AS 115 on various Industries with few examples. Guidance on Ind AS and Minimum Alternate Tax Under Section 115 JB of the Income Tax Act, 1961.Tips - How to prepare Opening (Ind AS) Balance Sheet, 6TH EDITION MAY 2018 Rs.1750/-
Asish K Bhattacharyya Practices, Comparisons, and Interpretations Indian Accounting Standards Edition 2006 Rs.750/-
Bill D Jarnagin US Master GAAP Guide 2009 Rs1895/-
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Deloitte iGAAP Financial Reporting Standards in India including a Comparison with IFRS in 2 Volumes 2nd Edition 2009  Rs3495/-
Deloitte iGAAP 2007 Financial Instruments: IAS 32, IAS 39 and IFRS 7 explained 3rd Edition 2007  Rs1995/-
Dolphy D'Souza IND A S 115 REVENUE FROM CONTRACTS WITH CUSTOMERS [Exhaustive and Comprehensive coverage keeping in mind India specific background. Explanation and Interpretation of Ind AS 115complexity in a simple language. More than 240 Practical Illustrations, Diagrams, Examples, Exhibitsand Case Studies. 12 major industries covered comprehensively. Detailed comparison and changes with earlier requirements/standards. Disclosure requirements explained with numerous examples. Transition approaches explained clearly with illustrations. Detailed index facilitating easy reference] [ISBN:978-93-5039-313-0, Pages:515], Edition JUNE 2018  Rs.1095/-
Dolphy D'Souza
Indian Accounting Standards (Ins AS) Interpretation, Issues and Practical Application in 3 Vols with Supplement, Edition 2021 Rs.6995/-
International Accounting Standards Board A Guide through International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs) including the full consolidated text of the Standards and Interpretations and accompanying documents approved for issue by the International Accounting Standards Board at 1 July 2008 with extensive cross-references and other annotations in 2 Vols. Edition 2008 Rs3950/-
International Accounting Standards Board International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs) Official Pronouncements as issued at 1 January 2011 in 2 Vols. Edition 2011 Rs3450/-
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Kamal Garg Interim Financial Reporting under AS, Ind-AS & IFRS (With Practical Disclosures), Edition 2011 Rs 395/-
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Sanjeev Singhal, Dr. / M L Singhal Practical Guide to Accounting Policies Containing 2 Free CDs of Annual Reports of over 450 Nifty Companies Edition 2011 Rs.1095/-
Taxmann's Illustrated Guide to Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS) As Amended by Companies (Indian Accounting Standards) (Amendment) Rules 2021 & thorough analysis of amended Schedule III of the Companies Act 2013 by B D Chatterjee, Jinender Jain, 7th Edition June 2022 Rs 3495/-
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Taxmann's Indian Accounting Standards [Ind ASs]  & IFRSs for Finance Executives by T P Ghosh, 2nd Edition 2011 Rs1275/-
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Taxmann's Accounting Handbook for Central Autonomous Organizations & Universities by B S Ramaswamy, Edition 2010 Rs.575/-
Warren's Accounting, 19th Edition  Rs1700/-
Administrative Law
Basu D.D. Administrative Law, Edition 2000  Rs600/-
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Jain M.P. Treatise on Administrative Law, 1st  Edition 1996 Vol 1 Rs.575/-
Jain M.P. Cases and Materials on Indian Administrative Law in 3 Vols (Vol 1/1994, Vol 2/1996, Vol 3/1999- Price for the set of 3 Vols) Rs.2250/-
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Administrative Tribunal
EBC Administrative Tribunal Cases (1986/1, 1987/4, 1988-1990/3, 1991 & 1992/4, 1993-1996/3, 1997 & 1998/2) @400/-
EBC Central Administrative Tribunal Digest 1986 to 1996  in 2 Vols. Rs.590/-
Lal's Remedies of Government Servants under the Administrative Tribunal Act. in 2 Vols. 2000 Rs1,400/-
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P S Narayana, Justice Law of Adoption, 2nd Edition 2008 Rs.495/-
Adverse Possession
Krishna Swamy.M Law of Adverse Possession Edition, 13th Edition 2002 Rs.625/-
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Narayana P.S. Law of Adverse Possession Edition 2000 Rs.560/-
Advertising Law
Sawant Justice P B & Bandyopadhyay Advertising Law & Ethics Edition  2002 Rs.375/-
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Parameswaran Law of Affidavits Edition 2003 Rs.295/-
P.S.Narayana Law of Affidavits (with Model Forms) Edition 1999 Rs.350/-
Venkoba Rao Law of Agency 3rd Edition 2001 Rs.825/-
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Madabhushi Sridhar Alternative Dispute Resolution Edition 2005 Rs.375/-
Rao P C & William Sheffield Alternative Dispute Resolution What it is and How it works Reprint 2002 Rs.395/-
Ancient Indian Law
Rama Jois Justice M Ancient Indian Law-Eternal Values in Manu Smriti  Edition 2004 Rs.165/-
Animal Laws
Maneka Gandhi Animal Laws of India 4th Edition 2011 Rs.1695/-
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Binder UNCITRAL Model on International Commercial Arbitration Edition 2000 ?130.00
C R Datta Law Relating to Commercial & Domestic Arbitration (Along with ADR), Edition 2008 Rs1495/-
Dharmendra Rautray Master Guide to Arbitration in India Rs1195/-
G K Kwatra Case Law on  Uncitral Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration, Edition 2004 Rs.100/-
G K Kwatra Arbitration & Conciliation Law of India, 7th Edition 2008 Rs.995/-
G K Kwatra Arbitration & Contract Law in SAARC Countries, Edition 2008 Rs.425/-
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Johari Commentaries on Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996  Rs.790/-
Julian D M Lew, Loukas A Mistelis, Stefan M Kroll Comparative International Arbitration Rs2295/-
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M.A. Sujan Contract Arbitration Compendium (Set of Six Books)  2nd Edition 2001 Rs2795/-
Malhotra O P Law and Practice of Arbitration & Conciliation 2nd Edition 2006 In Press
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Armed Forces
Maj. Gen. Nilendra Kumar & Rekha Chaturvedi Law Relating to the Armed Forces in India, 4th Edition 2005 Rs.795/-
Nilendra Kumar Major. Gen. Case Studies on Military Law 2003 Rs.150/-
Nilendra Kumar Major. Gen. Court Martial under Scrutiny 2003 Rs.195/-
Nilendra Kumar Major. Gen. Military Law Handbook for Commanders 2001 Rs.130/-
Nilendra Kumar Major. Gen. & Dr. Hem Chandra Law Relating to Armed Forces in India Edition 2002 Rs.195/-
Rekha Chaturvedi Universal's Manual of Para Military Forces in India Edition 2001 Rs.695/-
Rekha Chaturvedi Universal's Manual of Military Law in India Edition 2001 Rs.550/-
Arms & Explosives
Awasthi Arms & Explosives 1996 Rs.250/-
Gaur's Firearms and Forensic Ballistics, 2nd Edition 2002 Rs.400/-
Gupta Law of Principles of Forensic Ballistics 1996 Rs.350/-
Malik Vijay Explosive Act, 1884 & Explosive Rules, 1983 10th Edition  2002 Rs.175/-
Prem Arms & Explosives 4th Edition 2001 Rs.680/-
Saxena & Gaur's Law of Arms & Explosives 1998 Rs.675/-
Kher Law of Attachment 2000 Rs.330/-
Kamal Garg Handbook on Internal Auditing, 6th Edition 2022 Rs.1595/-
Kamal Garg Statutory Audit - A Ready Reckoner for Accounting Standards Compliant Companies, 3rd Edition 2022 Rs.1995/-
Kamal Gupta Contemporary Auditing, 6th Edition 2005 Rs.525/-
Pranav Jain Audit of Financial Statements [Covers the entire cycle of audit of financial statements, starting from the ‘appointment of the auditor’ to the ‘issuance of the audit report’. It also provides guidance on ‘risk-based audit’ as per the Standards on Auditing issued by the ICAI], Edition April 2022 Rs.1595/-
Ron Weber EDP Auditing, Conceptual Foundations & Practice, 2nd Edition 2001 Rs.295/-