[ITR Professional Permanent licence with data updates for 2022 Rs 19,950.]

[ITR xPro Renewal licence for ITR Professional valid for 2022 Rs 9, 650/-]

[ITR Pro Renewal licence for ITR Professional valid for 2022 with WEEKLY ITR Printed Parts Rs 18,600.00]

CTR Encyclopaedia- on Indian Tax Laws Rs 14,400/-

Only DVD product that combines world class commentary, comprehensive collection of headnotes, updated statutes, backward and forward linkage of cases in one media.
Comprehensive and complete coverage of cases
Over 70,000 full text judgments and orders from Supreme Court, High Courts, ITATs and AAR.
Includes cases from Privy Council, Federal Court and the Provincial Courts.
Coverage of all cases reported in ITR, CTR, TAXMAN, TTJ, ITD, SOT and ITR Tribunal.
Comprehensive coverage of important Special Leave Petitions (SLPs) reported in ITR.

High quality headnotes
High quality headnotes, that rank as one of the best in the industry. CTR headnotes cover every issue in a case and are relied upon by professionals.

Very high quality and reliable commentary, covering every important case in the High Courts and Supreme Court.
A list of cases referred to in a commentary can be pulled out with a simple command.

Updated legislation
Duly updated Acts, Rules and Allied Laws related to Direct Taxation.
Circulars, Notifications, Press Notes, Orders issued by CBDT
All Double Tax Avoidance Agreements (DTAA) between India and Other Countries.
Allied Legislation referred to in the Income Tax Act, 1961
Updated and fillable forms provided Analysis of cases - forward and backward linkage of cases
Comprehensive and updated analysis of Cases - whether a case has been referred, distinguished, dissented, relied or over ruled.

Queries and opinions
Queries and Replies: Queries asked by the subscribers and replies given by tax experts.
Opinions sought by subscribers and replies by tax experts.

Over 4300 articles contributed by authoritative and eminent professionals in the area of direct taxes.

Ready Reckoner
Updated Ready Reckoner with Income Tax Calculator
User friendly and sophisticated search engine
Advanced Topic Finder - integrates the table of contents and full text search into a single and easily accessible option with a 'Quick Find' option to locate an entry in table of contents.
Global Word Search - made for a Chartered Accountant to search in a particular section and category of the data with further option to refine the searches.
Collective Search - enables search on ten different parameters at one go.
The advanced search engine capabilities translate into very quick search & display of relevant information.

Up to 20 search results can be saved.
Personal notes can be added to the legislation, cases and commentary and can be saved on the user's machine.


R. K. Jain's GST-EXCUS 2022
An Electronic Library that gives you instant information on GST, Customs, EXIM, FERA, Money Laundering, Central Excise, Service Tax, and Allied Laws simultaneously from Case Law, Circulars, Notifications and Statutes.

GST is rolled out from 1-7-2017. ExCus has been loaded with Central/State/UT/Inter-State GST Acts, GST Rules, Notifications, Circulars, GST Tariff, FAQs, lucid Articles from Tax Experts and Revenue Officers on GST with multi search facilities. Thus the Excus shall now be known as GST-ExCus.

GST-ExCus is a multimedia archive with lot of powerful tools designed to extract any information simultaneously from vast pool of Case Law since 1932, Circulars from 1986, Notifications from 1986, Union Budgets since 1986, GST, Customs Acts, Rules & Regulations and detailed Court-room Highlights with authentic Headnotes of ELT/GSTL (STR). You can search for any information using 8 different criteria, like Subject/Topic, Statute, Number, Date, Name of Party, Court/Authority, Name of Judge and even Citation. Search results can be refined up to any level on any combination of parameters and you can always scroll back to any step.

Advance Search
Especially developed Advance Search feature retrieves information even if your query is not specific or loosely phrased. You just write few tips of your problem even without sequence, inbuilt fuzzy logic of Advance Search still retrieves relevant information for you.

GST-ExCus provides computerized summary of retrieve records with reference to the Subject/Topic of your query. This helps in quickly scanning of search results without individually activating them.

Current Status
GST-ExCus keeps a track of any subsequent modification or development for searched information. It flashes a Red Alert as well as an audio message for any subsequent development.

Electronic Subject Index
Another unique feature is the Suggestion Box listing more than twenty thousand subjects/topics. It works as a Electronic Subject Index to GST-ExCus. Besides, there are Statute List; Courts/Judges List and Parties List. The user instead of typing a query can select from these lists.

Text Reading and Hyperlinks
GST-ExCus has many multimedia features like Text reading to relieve you from the strain of reading text on computer screen. Exhaustive Hyperlinks in the GST-ExCus allows you to surf through linked information with least strain.

Book Type Screen
GST-ExCus Screen is divided vertically in two Windows (Book Type) Left Window shows List of results/Summary and the Right Window, the Text of the retrieved information. These panels are resizable.

History of Actions
The powerful History and Search History features allow you to review the steps for any combination of results you achieve.

Bookmark & Other Features
You can also bookmark the important results for future use. Result list can also be saved for further reference or for sharing the results with other GST-ExCus users. You may also take the print-out of List of Results summary, text of any documents with or without judicial analysis in a variety of formats to suit your needs. The information can also be shared with other programs such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Wordpad, etc.

Updates/Upgrades :
Centax shall provide periodic updates to the GST-ExCus. Thus, in a year 5 to 6 updated DVDs may be provided to the subscribers.

System Requirements
PC with Pentium or Compatible Processor (Pentium III and above recommended)
DVD Rom Drive
1 GB free Hard Disc space (if compact installation opted)
2 GB free Hard Disc space (if full installation opted)
512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)
Window XP or above
Internet Explorer 7.0 or later

Subscription to the GST-ExCus for the period January 2022 to Dec. 2022 is Rs 14,500/- which includes charges for supply of initial Kit and periodic update DVDs. Subscription for the subsequent period is economical.

Avail Combined Subscription Scheme for GST Law Times (Weekly) 2022 (January 2022 to Dec. 2022) Rs 6850/- + E.L.T. (Fortnightly) 2022 (January 2022 to Dec. 2022) Rs 5175/- at Rs 10, 025/-. GST-ExCus DVD 2022 at Rs 12,500/- for New Membership of GST Law Times / ELT Subscribers and Rs 10500/- for Existing GST-ExCus Subscribers.


Taxmann Direct Tax Laws ON DVD [Since 1886] with daily e-mail Alerts. A Complete Database on Direct Tax Laws. JOURNALS COVERED Taxman / ITR / CTR / ITD / SOT / TTJ Rs 16,900/-plus 18% GST.

Online on Web, Tax Compliance Software


Income Tax Reports Module includes Income-tax Cases as reported in ITR from 1933 to date plus ITR-OL.
Income-tax Appellate Tribunal Orders as reported in ITR from 1992 to 2009.

Rs 7,900/-

ITR Tribunal Tax Reports Module includes Income-tax Appellate Tribunal Orders as reported in ITR (Trib) from 2010 to date plus ITR (Trib) -OL.

Rs 5,750/-

Combined Subscription [Income Tax Reports & ITR's Tribunal Tax Reports Modules]

Rs 12,500/-

Company Cases Module includes Company Cases as reported in CC from 1931 to date plus CC-OL.

Rs 6,900/-

Goods and Service Tax Reports Module includes Goods & Service Tax Cases as reported in GSTR from 2010 to date plus GSTR-OL. Includes VAT & Service Tax Cases as reported in VST from 2005 to 2017 plus VST-OL. Includes Sales Tax Cases as reported in STC from 1950 to 2006.

Rs 10,250/-

All Journals Web Module (ITR, ITR (Trib), CC, GSTR, VST & STC) plus ITR-OL, ITR (Trib)-OL, CC-OL, GSTR-OL & VST-OL.




Taxmann.com Combo Plan (Combo 6) (Corporate Law Specialist)- Company & SEBI Laws, Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code (IBC), FEMA, Banking & Insurance Laws, Competition Laws][GST @18% Extra]

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Taxmann.com Combo Plan (Combo 5) (Direct Tax Specialist)- Income Tax, Transfer Pricing, International Taxation, FEMA, Banking & Insurance Laws]  [GST @18% Extra]

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Taxmann.com Combo Plan (Combo 4) - Income Tax, Goods and Service Tax, Company & SEBI Laws, Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code (IBC), Accounts and Audit, Competition Laws, FEMA, Banking & Insurance Laws] [GST @18% Extra]

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Taxmann.com Combo Plan (Combo 3) - Income Tax, Goods and Service Tax, Company & SEBI Laws, Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code (IBC), Accounts and Audit [GST @18% Extra]

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Taxmann.com Combo Plan (Combo 2) - Income Tax, Goods and Service Tax, Company & SEBI Laws [GST @18% Extra]

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Taxmann.com Combo Plan (Combo 1) - Income Tax, Goods and Service Tax [GST @18% Extra]

Rs 22,900/-
Taxmann e-TDS Returns for Financial Year 2022-23 by Dr Vinod K Singhania & Dr  Kapil Singhania [Multi User Rs 9,900/-] Rs 6,900/-

Income Tax Module with All About Income Tax Act - An Authentic & Largest Research Platform for Direct Tax Laws (Since 1886) All About Income-tax Act is a tool to perform 360 degree research on any section of the Act. It combines and classifies all related documents of a section at one place. Choose any Section to view corresponding Rules, Forms, Judicial definitions, Circulars, Notifications, Landmark Rulings, Commentary, CBDT's Explanatory Notes, etc.
[GST @18% Extra]

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www . taxmann. com [Company Law & SEBI Laws ] [GST @18% Extra]

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www . taxmann. com [Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code] [GST @18% Extra]

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www . taxmann. com [Competition Laws] [GST @18% Extra]

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www . taxmann. com [FEMA, Banking & Insurance Laws] [GST @18% Extra]

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Goods and Services Tax Module - Taxmann.com (GST Module) Always updated Central and States Statutes. GST Tax Rates Tools. Customised Case Laws on GST. GST Video Training Modules. Reply to your Queries. GST Practice Tools. Commentaries on GST Laws. Articles on GST Laws [GST @18% Extra]

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International Taxation Module [GST @18% Extra]

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Transfer Pricing Module [GST @18% Extra]

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www . taxmann. com [Accounts and Audit Module] [GST @18% Extra]

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Taxmann GST on DVD [Excise/Service Tax/All India VAT with Weekly Web Updation, Always updated Central and state GST Acts, Rules, Circulars and Notifications, Always updated GST Tariff for Goods and Services, Customized database of GST Case Laws with headnotes and digests, Instant GST Rate Finder, Also Covering Articles & Commentaries on GST, Acts/Circulars/Notifications/Case Laws on Excise/Service Tax/All India VAT] [GST @18% Extra] Rs 9,900/-
Taxmann XBRL Tool. For e Filing of Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account Edition 2016 [5 Users Rs 9500] Rs 8100/-
Taxmann Indian Acts Module - with more than 300 Act, 800 Rules & 270 Forms. [GST @18% Extra] Rs 5100/-
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