E.L.B.S. And I.S.E. Edition (Low Priced Books) U.K.
Andrews & Millett Law of Guarantees 3Ed. 2000 125.00
Archbold Criminal Pleadings, Evidence & Practice 2001 49Ed. with Supplement 2000


Bailey & Groves Corporate Insolvency - Law & Practice, 3rd Edition 2011 Rs 3295/-
Bennion Statutory Interpretation, 5th Edition 2010 [Supplement Edition 2011 - Rs 595/-] Rs 4995/-
Binder UNCITRAL Model on International Commercial Arbitration 2000 130.00
Bond Negotiating International Software Licenses & Data Transfer Agreements 2000 210.00
Bukley Companies Act in 6 Volumes, 15th Edition 2010 Rs 9995/-
Bullen, Leake & Jacob Precedents of Pleadings 14Ed. 2000 265.00
Butterworths Words & Phrases Legally Defined in 2 Volumes (Includes 2010 Supplement), 4th Edition 2011 Rs 5995/-
Butterworths Data Security Law & Practice, Edition 2010 Rs 2495/-
Butterworths Takeovers : Law & Practice, Edition 2006 Rs 1500/-
Butterworths Common Law Series Carter-Ruck on Libel and Privacy, 6th Edition 2011 Rs 3295/-
Butterworths Common Law Series The Law of Contempt, 4th Edition 2010 Rs 2395/-
Butterworths Common Law Series The Law of Contract, 3rd Edition 2008 Rs 4495/-
Butterworths Common Law Series The Law of Tort, 2nd Edition 2008 Rs 2995/-
Butterworths Common Law Series The Law of Damages, Edition 2008 Reprint  2010 Rs 2395/-
Butterworths Common Law Series The Law of Negligence, 4th Edition 2008 Reprint  2010 Rs 2395/-
Carver Bills of Lading, Edition 2001 210.00
Carey Media Law 2Ed 1999 15.95
Chissick & Kelman Electronic Commerce Law & Practice 2Ed. 2000 135.00
Charleswoth's Company Law by Professor Stephen Girvin, Professor Alastair Hudson & Dr. Sandra Frisby,  18th Edition 2011 Rs 950/-
Chitty Contracts 28Ed. in 2 vols. 1999 265.00
Clerk & Lindsell Torts 18Ed. 2000 220.00
Clive Lewis, QC (Sweet & Maxwell) Judicial Remedies in Public Law, 4th Edition 2011 Rs 4750/-
Colinvaux's Law of Insurance, 8th Edition Reprint 2010 Rs 2950/-
De Smith, Woolf & Jowell Judicial Review of Administrative Action 5Ed. 1995 with Supplement 1998 195.00
De Smith's Judicial Review by Harry Woolf, Jeffrey Jowell Andrew Le Sueur, 6th Edition Reprint 2009 Rs 5950/-
Deloitte iGAAP 2009 A Guide to IFRS Reporting, 2nd Edition 2008 Rs 2495/-
Engelman Commercial Judicial Review 2000 98.00
Erskine May Parliamentary Practice, 24th Edition 2011 Rs 5995/-
Gallant & Epworth Media Law A Practical Guide to Managing Publication Risks 2000 85.00
Gower and Davies' Principles of Modern Company Law 8th Edition Reprint 2008 Rs 950/-
Harris Cases & Materials on International Law 5Ed. r/p ISE 1999 13.95
Hawke Corporate Liability 2000 75.00
Hollander & Adams Documentary Evidence 7Ed. 2000 130.00
Horacio A. Grigera Naon & Paul E. Mason International Commercial Arbitration : 21st Century Perspectives, Edition 2012 Rs 2295/-
Ian McDougall's Cases That Changed Our Lives, Edition 2011 Rs 895/-
Issac Brand Protection Matters 2000 85.00
Jason Chuah, Dr. (Sweet & Maxwell) Law of International Trade: Cross-Border Commercial Transactions, 4th Edition 2011 Rs 950/-
Keating Building Contracts 7Ed. (Expected shortly) 2000 220.00
Kelly's Legal Precedents, 20th Edition 2010 Rs 3995/-
Kerly Trade Marks & Trade Names 14th Edition Reprint 2008 Rs 3950/-
Kessler Drafting Trusts & Will Trusts 5Ed. 2000 95.00
Kingsley Napley Serious Fraud, Investigation and Trial,  4th Edition 2010 Rs 1995/-
Lewin Law of Trusts 18th Edition Reprint 2009 Rs 4500/-
Lloyd Introduction to Jurisprudence 6Ed. ISE 1996 14.95
Lowe & Woodroffe Consumer Law & Practice 5Ed. 1999 24.00
Mark James Expert Evidence: Law & Practice, 3rd Edition 2011 Rs 4750/-
Matthew Bender How to Manage Your law Office in 2 Volumes, Edition 2009 Rs 1995/-
McGee The Modern Law of Insurance, 3rd Edition 2011 Rs 1995/-
Morcom, Roughton and Malynics The Modern Law of Trade Marks, 3rd Edition 2012 Rs 3295/-
Morgan & Stedman Computer Contracts 6Ed. 2000 145.00
Morris's The Conflicts of Laws Revised by David McClean CBE QC, Kisch Beevers, 7th Edition Rs 950/-
Mustill & Boyd Commercial Arbitration in 2 Volumes [Includes Companion Volume], 2nd Edition 2010 Rs 5995/-
Nelson Law of Entertainment & Broadcasting 2Ed. 2000 125.00
Nimmer Copyright in 11 Volumes, Edition 2010 Rs24995/-
Olsen, Maniatis & Wood Domain Names 2000 250.00
Paget's Law of Banking, 13th Edition 2007 Rs 2995/-
Palmer Company Law Manual 2000 150.00
Price Defamation Law, Procedure & Practice 2Ed. 2000 75.00
Qureshi International Economic Law 1999 24.95
Raj Bhala's Understanding Islamic Law (Sharia), Edition 2012 Rs 1995/-
Reece Thomas & C L Ryan The Law & Practice of Shareholders' Agreements, 3rd Edition 2010 Rs 2995/-
Roughton Johnson, Cook and Fysh The Modern Law of Patents, 2nd Edition 2011 Rs 3595/-
Russell-Clarke Industrial Designs 6Ed. 1999 125.00
Schmitthoff Export Trade : The Law and Practice of International Trade, 11th Edition Reprint 2007 Rs 1250/-
Sheridan Construction & Engineering Arbitration 1999 125.00
Smith & Thomas Casebook on Contract 11Ed. ISE 2000 14.95
Snell Equity 30Ed. 2000 180.00
Spencer Bower, Turner & Handley Res Judicata, 3rd Edition 2006 Rs 1250/-
Stephen Mason Electronic Evidence, 2nd Edition 2010 Rs 1995/-
Supperstone Goudie & Walker Judicial Review, 4th Edition 2011 Rs 3195/-
Terrell Law of Patents 15Ed. 2000 225.00
Tolley's Commercial Contracts Checklists (With CD-ROM), Edition 2006 Rs 1000/-
Treitel Law of Contract 10Ed. ISE 1999 12.50
Trevor Cook Pharmaceuticals Biotechnology and The Law, 2nd Edition 2010 Rs 2995/-
Weir Casebook on Tort 9Ed. 2000 27.95
William Cornish, Professor / David Llewelyn, Professor / Tanya Aplin, Dr. Intellectual Property : Patents, Trade Marks and Allied Rights, 7th Edition Reprint  2010 Rs 1050/-
Williams Wills in 2 Volumes (Includes 2010 2nd Cumulative Supplement), 9th Edition 2010 Rs 7995/-
Winfield & Jolowicz Tort 18th Edition Reprint 2010 Rs 950/-
Zander The State of Justice 2000 17.95
Thought Provoking Books
AR Lakshmanan, Dr. Justice Voice of Justice, Vol. 2 Edition 2007 Rs 695/-
Akaklan's Disinvestment Policy & Procedures, Edition 2001 Rs 200/-
APJA Democracy & Federalism 1998 Rs 125/-
Arun Shourie Courts and their Judgements, Edition 2001 Rs 495/-
Ashok Desai Justice Verms Justices Rs1300/-
Bar Council of India Trust & U.B.T. Ram Janmabhoomi - Babri Masjid 1991 Rs 150/-
Dhar Indian Judiciary Rs 260/-
G B Reddy Judicial Activism in India, Edition 2001 Rs 250/-
G.Manohar Rao Dr. Ambedkar & Constitution 1998 Rs 150/-
Govind Das Supreme Court in Quest of Identity Rs 585/-
Harris Legal Philosophers 1993 15.00/-
Justice H R Khanna Neither Roses Nor Thorns 1998 Rs 175/-
Justice M.N. Rao Random Reflections on Law , Edition 2011 Rs 450/-
Justice V R Krishna Iyer Off the Bench, Edition 2001 Rs 425/-
Justice V R Krishna Iyer Law & Life, Edition 2008 Rs 295/-
Justice V R Krishna Iyer The Majesty of the Judiciary, Edition 2007 Rs 250/-
K Veeraswami The Perils of Justice, 2nd Edition 2001 Rs 400/-
K Veeraswami Whither Laws & Justice, Edition 2001 Rs 250/-
Katju Justice Markandey Law in the Scientific Era - The Theory of Dynamic Positivism, Edition 2000 Rs 395/-
LexisNexis Nani Palkhivala: The Courtroom Genius Paperback 2012 by Soli J. Sorabjee, Arvind P. Datar Rs 695/-
M Hidayatullah My Own Boswell, Edition 2002 Rs 225/-
Malik S.C. on Mandal Commission Case Rs 125/-
Mark H.M. Cormack The Terrible Truth about Lawyers 12.95/-
Mullary & Handford Tort Liability for Psychiatric Damages 1993 48.00/-
P. Krsihnaswamy   V.R. Krishna Iyer - A Living Legend, Edition 2000 Rs 395/-
Padala Rama Reddi Advocates Practice (2 Vols.) 1998 Rs 750/-
Palkhiwala's We the Nation 1994 Rs  75/-
Rajendra Prasad Law of Social Status 1998 Rs 380/-
Richard Bageshot Sales Promotion - A Legal Guide 1993 38
Seervai H M The Seervai Legacy (Essays, Speeches, Tributes & Letters), Edition 2000 Rs 350/-
Seervai H M Partition of India - Legend & Reality, 2nd Edition 1994 Rs 125/-
Setalvad Motilal C My Life - Law & Other Things, Edition 2000 Rs 325/-
Subhash C. Kashyap Anti Defection Law & Parliamentary Privileges Rs 250/-
Trilok Nath Arora Judicial Strictures, Edition 2001 Rs 250/-
Venkat Iyer States of Emergency Rs 425/-
Venkat Iyer Constitutional Perspectives (Essays in Honour and Memory of H M Seervai), Edition 2001 Rs 350/-
Verma Justice J S New Dimensions of Justice, Edition 2000 Rs 325/-
Yatindra Singh A Lawyers World 1998 Rs 175/-
Zamir & Woolf The Declaratory Judgement 1993 85.00/-
Zamir & Woolf Treatise on Juvenile Justice Act 1993 Rs 350/-
International Legal Classics, now available In India as Reprints, at a Special Economy Price
Abbey & Richards A Practical Approach to Conveyancing, First Indian Reprint 2000 Rs 325/-
Adoranti Frank Commercial Contract Series (Set of 5 Books), First Indian Reprint 2008 Rs 795/-
Aharon Barak Purposive Interpretation in Law  Edition 2007 Rs 395/-
Allan Pannett Managing the Law Firm (Legal Practice Handbook), 2nd Edition 2001 Rs 195/-
Allan C.K. Law in the Making, 7th Edition 1997 Rs 340/-
Allen C.K. Law & Orders, 3rd Edition 1999 Rs 295/-
Allen C.K. Aspects of Justice, Second Indian Reprint 1999 Rs 245/-
Andrew Goodman How Judges Decide Cases: Reading, Writing and Analysing Judgements Edition 2007 Rs 350/-
Andrew Lothian Lawful Occasions, Second Indian Reprint 2002 Rs 250/-
Asprey Michele M Plain Language for Lawyers, 2nd Edition 2002 Rs 175/-
Atiyah P.S. The Sale of Goods, 8th Edition Rs 240/-
Austin John The Province of Jurisprudence Determined, Indian Reprint 2008 Rs 350/-
Avrom Sherr Advocacy (Legal Practice Handbook), Third Indian Reprint, 2001 Rs 125/-
Bainbridge Et Al Encyclopaedia of Information Technology Law (Set of 6 Books), First Indian Reprint 2007 Rs 2200/-
Ball & Bell Environmental Law, 5th Edition 2001 Rs 650/-
Barak Aharon Purposive Interpretation in Law, First Indian Reprint 2007 Rs 395/-
Bentham Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation, Indian Reprint 2006 Rs 250/-
Bickel The Supreme Court & Idea of Progress, First Indian Reprint 1998 Rs 200/-
Bickel The Least Dangerous Branch (The Supreme Court at the Bar of Politics), 2nd Edition 1998 Rs 250/-
Bickel The Morality of Consent, First Indian Reprint 1998 Rs 150/-
Blake Susan A Practical Approach to Legal Advice & Drafting, 5th Edition 2000 Rs 325/-
Bodenheimer Jurisprudence - The Philosophy and Method of Law, 5th Indian Reprint 2006 Rs 375/-
Bowett D.W. The Law of International Institutions, 4th Edition 2001 Rs 295/-
Boyle & Bird Company Law, 3rd Edition 1997 Rs 595/-
Brandney Et Al How to Study Law, 3rd Edition 2001 Rs 195/-
Brockington R. Dictionary of Accounting and Finance Rs 150/-
Broom's Legal Maxims, 10th Edition 2008 Rs 475/-
Butler Sean Studying the Law, First Indian Reprint 2007 Rs 125/-
C.M. Kerwin Rule Making How Govt. Agencies write Law & make Policy Rs 190/-
Campbell What Every Good Lawyer Should Know, 4th Indian Reprint 2008 Rs 125/-
Cardozo Benjamin N. The Growth of the Law, Indian Reprint 2012 Rs 160/-
Cardozo Benjamin N. The Nature of the Judicial Process, 7th Indian Reprint 2008 Rs 125/-
Chitty's Mercantile Contracts, First Indian Reprint 2001 Rs 575/-
Clinch Peter Using A Law Library- A Student's Guide to Legal Research Skills, First Indian Reprint 1995 Rs 210/-
Cornish W.R. Intellectual Property : Patents, Trade Marks and Allied Rights, 3rd Edition 2001 Rs 650/-
Coulson N J A History of Islamic Law, First Indian Reprint 1997 Rs 195/-
Craig P.P. Administrative Law, 5th Edition Reprint 2008 Rs 750/-
Craies   Statute Law, 7th Edition 2002 Rs 750/-
Curzon L.B. Dictionary of Law, 4th Edition Rs 185/-
Daniel White Trials & Tribulations (An Appealing Anthology of Legal Humour), 1st Indian Reprint 2000  Rs 315/-
David Pannick Judges Rs 595/-
David Pannick Advocates Rs 495/-
Derrett J. Duncan M An Introduction to Legal Systems, First Indian Reprint 1999 Rs 225/-
Derrett J. Duncan M Essays in Classical and Modern Hindu Law in 4 Vols, 1st Indian Reprint 1995 Rs1650/-
Dicey A.V. An introduction to the Study of the Law of the Constitution, 10th Edition Reprint 2012 Rs 495/-
Dicey A.V. Law and Public Opinion in England, 2nd Edition 1998 Rs 325/-
Dixon Text Book of International Law, 4th Edition 2001 Rs 345/-
Douglas Mill Successful Practice Management (An Introduction to Lawyers), 1st Indian Reprint 2001 Rs 150/-
Dunn Robin Sword and Wig - Memoirs of a Lord Justice, First Indian Reprint 1997 Rs 315/-
Dworkin Ronald Talking Rights Seriously, 2nd Indian Reprint 1999 Rs 295/-
Edmund Heward Lord Denning, A Biography, 2nd Edition 2000 Rs 250/-
Edmund Heward Lord Mansfield (Biography) Edition 2007 Rs 215/-
Eric Crowther Look What's on the Bench Edition 2007 Rs 215/-
Eskridge Dynamic Statutory Interpretation, first Indian Reprint 2000 Rs 340/-
Evans Malcolm D International Law Documents, 4th Edition 2000 Rs 440/-
Finch John D Introduction to Legal Theory, 2nd Edition 2000 Rs 160/-
Friedmann  Law in a Changing Society, 2nd Edition 2001 Rs 350/-
Friedmann W  Legal Theory, 5th Edition 2002 Rs 395/-
Frost Knappman & Shrager The Quotable Lawyers, First Indian Reprint 1999 Rs 395/-
Fry A Treatise on the Specific Performance of Contracts, 6th Edition Reprint 2012 Rs 1100/-
Fuller The Morality of Law, Second Indian Reprint 2000 Rs 150/-
Garner A Dictionary of Modern Legal Usage Rs 795/-
Geoffrey Lewis Lord Hailsham - A Life, First Indian Reprint 2012 Rs 525/-
Geoffrey Rivlin First Steps in the Law, First Indian Reprint 2002 Rs 295/-
Geraldine Mackenzie How Judges Sentence, First Indian Reprint 2011 Rs 325/-
Gerhart Eugene C Quote it! and Quote it!|| Memorable Legal Quotations in 2 parts, First Indian Reprint 1998 Rs 895/-
Glanville Text Book of Criminal Law Rs 750/-
Gandhi P R  International Human Rights Documents, First Indian Reprint 1999 Rs 340/-
Gross Criminal Investigation (A Practical Textbook for Magistrates, Police Officers & Lawyers), 5th Edition 2002 Rs 550/-
Harris Hints on Advocacy, 18th Edition 1999 Rs 195/-
Harris's Criminal Law, 22nd Edition 2000 Rs 595/-
Harris Brian The Literature of the Law, First Indian Reprint 1999 Rs 340/-
Harrison Wilson R. Suspect documents - Their Scientific Examination, 2nd Indian Reprint 1997 Rs 575/-
Hawke Neil An Introduction to Administrative Law, 2nd Edition 1995 Rs 120/-
Hay Peter The Book of Legal Anecdotes, 1st Indian Reprint 1998 Rs 315/-
Hazell Robert  The Bar on Trial, 2nd Indian Reprint 2000 Rs 150/-
Heifetz Ronald Leadership without Easy Answers, Second Indian Reprint 1998 Rs 160/-
Herbert A P Uncommon Law & More Uncommon Law in 2 parts, First Indian Reprint 1998 Rs 495/-
Heuston R F V Essays in Constitutional Law, 2nd Edition 1999 Rs 225/-
Helen & Fenrick Conveyancing Rs 350/-
Helen & Fenrick Civil Liberties Rs 350/-
Holden J Milnes The Law & Practice of Banking in 2 Vols, First Indian Reprint 1998 Rs 625/-
Holland On Jurisprudence with an Introduction by N R Madhava Menon, 13th Edition 2001 Rs 260/-
Holland & Webb Learning Legal Rules, 2nd Edition 1996 Rs 210/-
Hyam Michael Advocacy Skills, 3rd Edition 1999 Rs 150/-
Hugh Selby Advocacy -Preparation and Performance, Edition 2011 Rs 225/-
J.A.G. Griffith Parliament Functions, Practice Procedures Rs 975/-
J L Jowell & J P W B MCAuslan Lord Denning: The Judge and the Law, First Indian Reprint 2004 Rs 475/-
Jackson Paul Natural Justice, 2nd Edition 1999 Rs 165/-
James & Stebbings A dictionary of Legal Quotations, 4th Indian Reprint 2001 Rs 225/-
John Hostettler Sir, Edward Carson (Biography) Edition 2007 Rs 315/-
John Morison & Philip Leith The Barrister's World & The Nature of Law Rs 650/-
John Rawls A theory of Justice Rs 345/-
John Ray-Smith The Lawyers Quotation Book - A Legal Companion Rs  95/-
Judith N. Shklar Legalism [Law, Morals and Political Trials], First Indian Reprint 2012 Rs 325/-
Julius Stone Human Law & Human Justice, First Indian Reprint 2000 Rs 465/-
Julius Stone Social Dimensions of Law & Justice, First Indian Reprint 1999 Rs 750/-
Julius Stone Legal System & Lawyers Reasoning, First Indian Reprint 1999 Rs 395/-
Julius Stone The Province & Function of Law (A Study in Jurisprudence), First Indian Reprint 2000 Rs 795/-
Katherine S Williams Textbook on Criminology, 3rd Edition 2001 Rs 475/-
Keir & Lawson Cases in Constitutional Law, 6th Edition 1997 Rs 325/-
Keith Evans Golden Rules of Advocacy, 4th Indian Reprint 2001 Rs 125/-
Keith Evans The Language of Advocacy, First Indian Reprint 2000 Rs 125/-
Keith Evans Advocacy in Court (A Beginner's Guide), 2nd Edition 1998  Rs 150/-
Kerr Law of Fraud and Mistake, 7th Edition Reprint 2012 Rs 895/-
Kerr Injunctions, 6th Edition 2000 Rs 795/-
Kerr Receivers, 16th Edition 2001 Rs 495/-
Kerwin C M Rulemaking How Government Agencies Write Law And Make Policy, First Indian Reprint 1997 Rs 190/-
Klare Michael Rogue States and Nuclear Outlaws America's search for a new foreign policy, First Indian Reprint 1997 Rs 165/-
Klein G. Dictionary of Banking Rs 150/-
Lawson Cases in Constitutional Law Rs 325/-
Lord Denning The Discipline of Law Rs 695/-
Lord Denning The Due Process of Law Rs 695/-
Lord Denning What Next in the Law Rs 695/-
Lord Denning The Closing Chapter Rs 695/-
Lord Denning Land Marks in the Law Rs 695/-
Lord Denning Leaves from my Library Rs 795/-
Lord Denning The Family Story Rs 795/-
Lothian Andrew Lawful Occasions, First Indian Reprint 1996 Rs 275/-
Maitland F. W. The Constitutional History of England, Indian Reprint 2011 Rs 495/-
Markus Dirk Dubber The Sense of Justice [Empathy in Law and Punishment], Indian Reprint 2012 Rs 425/-
Marshall H H Natural Justice, 4th Indian Reprint 2000 Rs 195/-
Martin Dixon Textbook on International Law, 4th Edition 2001  Rs 345/-
Mayson, French & Ryan Company Law, 15th Edition 2000 Rs 650/-
Megarry R.E. Miscellany-at-Law (A diversion for lawyers) & A Second miscellany-at-Law (A further diversion for lawyers and others) in 2 parts, First Indian Reprint 1996 Rs 790/-
Michael Gilbert The Oxford Book of Legal Anecdotes Rs 250/-
Motion A.W. The Pocket Law Lexicon, 8th Edition1996 Rs 250/-
Munkman John H Technique of Advocacy, First Indian Reprint 1999 Rs 185/-
Murphy Peter  Evidence, 5th Edition 2000 Rs 395/-
Nash, Zullo & Zulloo The New Lawyer's Wit and Wisdom Edition 2007 Rs 295/-
Odger's Construction of Deeds and Statutes, 5th Edition 1998 Rs 375/-
Odger's Pleadings & Practice, 20th Edition 2000 Rs 315/-
Osborn Questioned Documents Rs 750/-
Osborn Problem of Proof Rs 450/-
Osborn & Grandage Concise Commercial Dictionary, First Indian Reprint 1997 Rs 165/-
Osborn's Concise Law Dictionary, 8th Edition2001 Rs 215/-
Oswald Contempt of Court Rs 350/-
Oxford A Concise Dictionary of Law Rs 345/-
Pearson & Miller Commercial Exploitation of Intellectual Property, 2nd Indian Reprint 1997 Rs 390/-
Phil Kafcaloudes The Chequered Lady And Other Tales from Australian Courts, Edition 2011 Rs 195/-
Phipson & Ellott Manual of the Law of Evidence, 11th Edition2001 Rs 325/-
Polak Laurence .A Legal Fictions, More Legal Fictions, Final Legal Fictions in 3 parts, Second Indian Reprint 1998 Rs 375/-
Potter's Historical Introduction to English Law, 4th Edition 1999 Rs 450/-
Pylee M V Select Constitutions of the World, Edition 2002 Rs 290/-
Pylee M V Our Constitution, Government & Policits, Edition 2000 Rs 185/-
Pylee M V Constitutions of the World in 2 Vols., 4th Edition 2012 Rs2850/-
Rawls A Theory of Justice, first Indian Reprint 2000 Rs 395/-
Reed Chris Computer Law, 3rd Edition 2000 Rs 325/-
Richard Polenberg The World of Benjamin Cardozo [Personal Values and the Judicial Process]  Edition 2012 Rs 375/-
Richard A Posner Overcoming Law Edition 2007 Rs 550/-
Richard Death Sod's Law - A book of Bizarre & Unusual Laws Rs 225/-
Robert Watt / Francis Johns Concise Legal Research, 6th Edition Reprint 2012 Rs 325/-
Rogers W.V.H. The Law of Tort - Fundamental Principles of Law Rs 120/-
Ronald Dworkin Law's Empire, First Indian Reprint 2002 Rs 295/-
Ronald Irving "The Law is a Ass", Edition 2002 Rs 150/-
Roscoe Pound An Introduction to the Philosophy of Law, 2nd Indian Reprint 1998 Rs 175/-
Rose William M. Pleadings Without Tears - A Guide to Legal Drafting, 4th Edition1999 Rs 295/-
Ross Stan The Joke's on Lawyers, First Indian Reprint 2002 Rs 110/-
Russell Crime in 2 Vols, 12th Edition Reprint 2012 Rs2100/-
Rylance Paul Legal Writing & Drafting, First Indian Reprint 2000 Rs 150/-
Salmond On Jurisprudence, 12th Edition 2002 Rs 275/-
Salmond & Heuston The Law of Torts, 20th Edition 2002 Rs 425/-
Sarat and Kearns The Fate of Law, Edition 2011 Rs 425/-
Schacht Joseph An Introduction to Islamic Law, First Indian Reprint 1997 Rs 195/-
Schwarzenberger George A Manual of International Law, 5th Edition 2000 Rs 375/-
Shapiro Joseph P. No Pity People with Disabilities Forging a New Civil Rights Movement, First Indian Reprint 1994 Rs  115/-
Silverstein Michael Environmental Economic Revolution - How Business will thrive and Earth Survive in the years to come, First Indian Reprint 1995 Rs  65/-
Simon Lee & Marie Fox Leaning Legal Skills, 2nd Edition1997 Rs 210/-
Simon Schnitzer Understanding International Trade Law Edition2007 Rs 395/-
Smith John Reay The Lawyers Quotation Book-A Legal Companion, 2nd Indian Reprint 1997 Rs 95/-
Snowiss Sylvia Judicial Review and the Law of the Constitution, 2nd Indian Reprint 1996 Rs 200/-
Starke International Law Rs 275/-
Susan A. Bandes The Passion of Law, Edition 2012 Rs 525/-
Sweet & Maxwell Latin for Lawyers, 3rd Edition 1997 Rs 225/-
Teitelbaum & Weiner Threatened Peoples, Threatened Borders- World Migration and US Policy, First Indian Reprint 1997 Rs 180/-
Trayner's Latin Maxims and Phrases, 4th Edition1997 Rs 395/-
Tribe Laurence H Constitutional Choices, First Indian Reprint 2000 Rs 350/-
Victor Tunkle Legal Research, Second Indian Reprint 1999 Rs 125/-
Wallace Rebecca M.M. International Law, 2nd Edition Rs 150/-
Watt Robert Concise Legal Research, 4th Edition 2002 Rs 195/-
Wharton's Law Lexicon, 14th Edition 2007 Rs 595/-
Wiliam Katherine S Text Book on Criminology, 3rd Edition 2001 Rs 475/-
Williams Glanville Learning the Law, 11th Edition2007 Rs  125/-
Williams Glanville Textbook of Criminal Law, 2nd Edition 1999 Rs 750/-