Hindu Law

Acharya Shuklendra

Hindu Law (Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 as amended by Marriage Laws (Amendment Act, 2001, Hindu Succession Act, 1956, Hindu Minority and Guardianship Act, 1956, Hindu Adoptions and Maintenance Act, 1956,  Edition 2004

Rs 1195/-


Hindu Law & The Constitution R/p.    1995

Rs 150/-

Deoki Nandan

Hindu Law, Edition1993


Derrett J Duncan

Essays in Classical and Modern Hindu Law in 4 Vols.   First Indian Reprint 1995


Gaur, Dr.H.S.

Hindu code in 2 Vols.(6th Edition) R/p.    2000



S.C on Hindu Law    1996

Rs 280/-

Mantharam Murthy

Special Marriage Act    1996

Rs 425/-


Hindu Law and Usage Revised by Justice Ranganath Misra, 16th Edition 2012

Rs 1795/-


Hindu Minority & Guardianship Act    1997

Rs 300/-

Mitra S K

Hindu Law 1st Edition 2002

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Hindu Law, 21st Edition 2010



Hindu Law   2001

In Press


Law of Endowments, Wakfs & Trusts    2000

Rs 600/-

Paras Diwan

Law of Intestate and Testamentary Succession, 3rd Edition


Paras Diwan

Law of Adoption, Minority, Guardianship & Custody, 3rd Edition2000


Pathak & Sharma

Law of Stridhana     1992

Rs 225/-


Hindu Law 9th Edition 2006

Rs 900/- 


Supreme Court on Hindu Law Cases 1950 to 1991 in 2 Vols.

Rs 560/-

Sastri LS

Hindu Law Digest 1837-2000, 5th Edition2000

Rs 595/-

Subrahmanyan ES

Gurdians & Wards Act and Indian Majority Act

Rs 500/-


Hindu Adoptions & Maintenance Act   1994

Rs 225/-


Hindu Minority and Guardianship Act, Edition1999

Rs 300/-

Tahir Mahmood

Hindu Law 2nd Edition1997

Rs 450/-

Hire Purchase


Hire Purchase   1996

Rs 225/-

Kothari, Vinod

Lease Financing & Hire Purchase  4th Edition 1996

Rs 880/-


Commentary on Hire Purchase, 3rd Edition 2002

Rs 525/-

Verma, Dr.J.C

Lease Financing with Hire Purchase    1999

Rs 750/-

Human Rights


Human Rights    2000

Rs 100/-


Law relating to Human Rights   2000

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Human Rights (Telugu)  1998

Rs  30/-


Digest of Human Rights   2000

Rs 850/-

Awasthi S K & Kataria R P

Law Relating to Human Rights  Edition 2001

Rs 850/-

Chiranjivi J Nirmal

Human Rights in India, Edition 2000

Rs 545/-


Human Rights in Constitutional Law  2nd Edition2003


Ghandhi P.R.

Blackstone's International Human Rights Documents 2nd Indian Reprint 2001

Rs 340/-

Mangari Rajender

Human Rights Q & A

Rs 125/-

Mangari Rajender

Human Rights

Rs 440/-

Paras Dewan

Human Rights

Rs 900/-

Parekh P.H.

Human Rights Year Book 2001 Edition2001

Rs 340/-

Parekh P.H.

Human Rights Year Book 2002 Edition2002

Rs 340/-

S. A. Kapoor

Human Rights & International Law   2000

Rs 280/-

S K Awasthi

Law Relating to Protection of Human Rights, Edition 2002

Rs 950/-


Human Rights

Rs 780/-

Steiner & Alston

International Human Rights in Context- Law, Politics, Morals

Rs 2245/-


Human Rights(2 Vols.)     1998



Law of Human Rights   2000

Rs 150/-

V.R.Krishna Iyer

Dialectics & Dynamics of Human Rights in India , Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow Edition 1999 reprint 2000

Rs 500/-

Vijay S.Chitnis

Human Rights-Princes of Poverty, Edition 2001

Rs 250/-

Y S R Murthy

Law of Human Handbook, Edition 2007

Rs 695/-

Humour (Legal) 

Daniel White

Trials & Tribulations (An Appealing Anthology of Legal Humour) First Indian Reprint 2000

Rs 315/-

Lothian Andrew

Lawful Occasions, First Indian Reprint 1996

Rs 275/-

Megarry R.E.

Miscellanny-at-Law (A diversion for lawyers and others) & A Second Miscellany-at-Law (A further diversion for lawyers and others) in 2 parts, First Indian Reprint 1996 

Rs 790/-

Polak Laurence A.

Legal Fictions, More Legal Fictions, Final Legal Fictions in 3 parts Second Indian Reprint 1998

Rs 375/-

Richard De'ath

SOD's Law (A Book of Bizarre and Unusual Laws) Second Indian Reprint 2001

Rs 250/-

Peter Hay

Book of Legal Anecdotes First Indian Reprint 1998

Rs 315/-

Herbert A P

Uncommon Law & More Uncommon Law in 2 parts First Indian Reprint 1998

Rs 495/-